The Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany, Andriy Melnyk, has demanded that Germany and the West new radical sanctions against Russia, such as Oil and gas import stops, and other restrictions. The German government should make Russia an Ultimatum to force the immediate release of detained Ukrainian Marines, said Melnyk of the Germany radio. “Germany must finally (…) clear edge, show, very, very clear words and Putin is just in the barriers,” he said. “The West and Germany have very, very many ways.” The “cudgel of sanctions”, and although very painful sanctions.

Melnyk, the imposition of the war defended the law in his country due to the recent incidents of the Crimea. No President and no Parliament could allow, “now continue watching and do nothing,” he said. It was “security measures” against any further aggressive actions of Russia. Not only the Ukraine was taken by Russia, the Act of Russia had also been “a slap in the face of Germany” and the international community as a whole. “The world, and especially Germany must act ( … ).” He warned: “Everything is now in the game.”

As the appropriate sanction steps in addition to a complete ban of oil and gas proposed imports from Russia, the Ambassador of a stop of the gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2. Would be helpful also, if the German Navy would show their presence in front of the coast of the Crimea. This could contribute to de-escalation.

Russia is increasing its military presence

in the Midst of the Concerns over an escalation of the conflict with Ukraine, Russia wants the media intensify reports of its military presence in the annexed Crimea Peninsula. The Moscow government will lay an anti-aircraft missile system from the new type of S-400 to the Crimea, reported the Interfax news Agency, citing the defense Ministry. According to the Agency RIA, the weapon system is supposed to be the end of the year is ready for use.

escalated for years, frozen was the end of the conflict to the Russian-annexed Peninsula of Crimea on Sunday in the Kerch Strait. There, denied Russia by a freight ship, three of the Ukrainian Navy, the entrance of boats into the sea of Azov. Russian border guard boats fired on the Ukrainian ships, injuring several Sailors. Then they seized the boats and brought them with their crews in the port of Kerch.

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