German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) has called for more investment in the digitisation, to stand in artificial intelligence at the top. “Germany and Europe must be in the future, the leading site for artificial intelligence,” Merkel said to the Internet portal prior to the start of a two-day digital retreat of the Federal Cabinet, in a strategy on the subject of artificial intelligence decided it should be. Of such a strategy, the slopes of the Chancellor that “our future prosperity and the question of whether and how we can defend our European values of the Dignity of every human being and the protection of privacy in the digital age”.

Already now, Germany is in the process of research for artificial intelligence international in the top group. “We need to invest consistently in research as well as better in the application,” said Merkel. The implementation of digital projects in Germany should be accelerated. The political processes in the administration would have to be faster. “The public administration will have to learn in the coming years.”

at the same time, the Chancellor spoke in favour of the digitization of Outside help in the Form of consultants. “We don’t see our administration,” said Merkel in a so-called “economic summit” of the süddeutsche Zeitung. In addition, it is the task of policy to create trust in a new time. In the financial and Euro crisis as well as the migration policy, but a lot of trust was lost. The people felt, “there’s something Tremendous” and wanted “security in the Disruption.”

Federal Minister of labour, Hubertus Heil (SPD) calls, in the light of rapid changes in the world of work through digitisation more training. “To avoid unemployment in the digital change, before it happens,” said the SPD politician of the Rheinische Post. According to the specialists monitor his Ministry, by 2025, around 1.6 million Jobs would be eliminated at the same time, more than 2.3 million new jobs. “The work we will never run out, but there will be other work.” The key qualification and training are screws.

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