The unrest has not yet cleared. But Chemnitz has cooled down again. Three months ago, has discussed about this city of the whole country. On the Extreme, which raged here. Is not to survive this crisis for a long time. The death of Daniel H., the detention of migrants as suspects, the protests of Thousands, including many extreme Right-wing. It is a Dialogue between politics and citizens, in order to get the Hyper-nervous, skived city in the grip followed. But how do we talk to about all of this? That Chemnitz is not working anymore since a while, the hot topic in the news, many residents are happy. Now, however, there is again a day with incredibly a lot of attention: The Chancellor has announced. A question that Angela Merkel gets put on this Friday by a number of sides: What you want to achieve with your visit?

Barbara Ludwig, the Chemnitz mayor, can not hide the fact that this new wave of Excitement is a bit fishy. Nothing against the visit of the Chancellor, but directly after the escalations in the height of summer she would have welcomed such a Visit, more, explains Ludwig. You have charged Angela Merkel in September to a civil dialogue, she said before the visit in an Interview. “Now, with this distance, the question is, what is the goal you are pursuing. If the visit is supposed to be a Signal of social cohesion, in a time of polarization, then it is correct and important. Of course, the danger is that the city is again agitated.”

the Chancellor has promised a citizens ‘ dialogue, organised by the Free press. Four readers were selected for the Podium. To mobilise Dirk Richter, an IT technician, who had tried in those days of August, with a rally in the middle of the society. “The events have left me very busy,” he says. And: “In the past few weeks, already a lot of Positive things in the city happened. I have the feeling that the city is once again something to rest. Therefore, my question is: Why are you here now?”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is visiting Chemnitz, you understand the outrage over the violent Dead H. of Daniel, said Angela Merkel during her visit in Chemnitz. However, this can be no justification for Nazi symbols during demonstrations. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld/ picture-alliance / AP Photo

“I know that my face is polarizing,” says Angela Merkel. “I also know from the election campaign. I didn’t want to come in quite a heated mood.” That’s why the late date. “The city is important to me. I’m here to discuss with the Chemnitz.”

you will be Accompanied on this day by a large Delegation, including the mayor, and Michael Kretschmer, Prime Minister of Saxony, are in the dates. The program to create closeness, acts first of all as always, when the head of government announced somewhere – as an act of state, primarily the vertebrae. For lunch they visited a sports hall, there are the Niners, and a successful basketball team of the city train. On a date, be humanized, work lights. You do not know even so exactly who has invited whom, says a spokeswoman for the team. “But we are happy about the visit.”

There are elaborate security checks, the 130 journalists weave. At home the team will play only one hand are often full. Tens of film cameras, such as the basketball players dribble through the hall. Then the policy enters the parquet. A short Parley with journalists, microphones, fishing for shades of togetherness, but the safety distance is too large. Then it pulls back to the exchange of feelings. Later, two young players step in front of the cameras. After the knife attack on Daniel H. he had first been afraid to walk in the evenings through the city, told one of the two basketball players. Then, the protests no longer added to know the many headlines, and the feeling, exactly: Is all this really Chemnitz, my city? “Now, everything returns a little bit,” he says. So you have told the Chancellor. “Stay positive, even if there are difficult times. That was a piece of advice you gave us.”

Once Merkel detention fragmented, approachable and casually

This is the message that is trying to Angela Merkel later in the debate with the newspaper’s readers, again and again. About 120 people sitting in the room, the participants were drawn. The four representatives on the Podium to go through as a cross-section of the population, Extreme except. Reader Dirk Richter: “so you want to send positive images from Chemnitz in the world, which is good. But what do we do with the Disaffected in the city?” Merkel’s response: it talks about transport projects, better connections, which you will have to create. “But…”, replied the judge, a little confused. “But I don’t think the dissatisfaction only in the case of the transport projects. There were also quite radical. We need to talk.” She slides quickly: The events in August had stirred up the people. “There have been demonstrations, this is the good right of the people. But that does not justify radical right-wing symbolism is used.”

It’s a technical Start is lying down, Angela Merkel. But this is only the beginning of two dense hours, in which many questions and accusations are brought to them, the rumblings otherwise elsewhere. The tone is factual, and constructive. The reply of the Chancellor: Merkel detention branchy and detail-Laden, time approachable and casual.

Klaus-Peter Olivo, an older gentleman from the reader forum, want to talk about criminal migrants: “What do you think of when you hear about crimes like the gang rape in Freiburg? Since the main suspect was a multiple offender.” Still, not everything was perfect in the processes, explains the Chancellor, but we’ve hired more police officers and is seeking to do, that the courts work faster. “We are challenged by the many refugees who have come to us, also.”

“You can also feel a passionate Sachse”

Agnes Klafki, also part of the reader-Quartet, asks Merkel to the causes of why many people in Eastern Germany still considered second-class citizens. The Chancellor responded with understanding: “Some have the impression that much is not appreciated. Some people don’t see, for example, as your grandson will grow up, because the children live far away. Since things are lost. But I am glad that now here in the Region, many are free. That’s a good thing.” Merkel is looking for positive emotions, in addition to all the Worries and problems. She also wants to strengthen the self-confidence. “We have done it so much.” The reader on the Podium nod. But if only it were so easy with the Pride. “You don’t want to say Yes so that one is pride, because it sounds immediately so weird today,” says Dirk Richter. Outrage at Merkel: “of Course you can be proud of. You can also be a passionate Sachse.”

policy Is explained sufficiently? Some readers will find:. So right, Angela Merkel, does not want to see the. Decisions have to be declared, for example, in the German Bundestag talk, you could hear everything. It follows a little Back and Forth, finally she admits: “Perhaps the citizens in conversation. But this is also a task for all Federal and state members of Parliament.”

aggressiveness of Merkel beats you this evening, not directly. Only once a man from the audience, as a Per-Chemnitz-detect pendant answers: “I invite you all to come to our demonstrations.” A lot of Wind, he is not sparked, at least not in this room. The xenophobic camp has gathered on this evening again on the road, led by the extreme Right-wing Martin Kohlmann. The rally takes place a few Hundred meters away from the hall of the reader debate. In the days before Per had mobilized-Chemnitz on network channels intensively. About 1,500 people, less-than-expected. Many hard rights, but also to see many families and pensioners in the ranks. Some journalists are pelted with schimmligem fruit. To larger clashes.

The Chancellor gets nothing of all this. Exceptionally, you can be heard on a sensitive visit to Eastern Germany no Merkel-need-way-Call. Critics of their policies sit in the readers ‘ forum is enough, but opinions are calmly delivered. In addition, the Chancellor also hears quite a different sound to this day. A Participant wants to. like to thank for the generally good situation in the country Angela Merkel looks a tiny Moment, surprised at such rates. “I don’t think many here have come to hear that someone sings the praises of Merkel,” she says. “But this is perhaps also a part of the population.”

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.