“We should work on the Vision to one day create a real European army,” said German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a speech in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg. “The times in which we were able to unconditionally rely on others, are over the. This means that we should take the Europeans, our fate is more in the Hand if we want to survive as a European community.”

A common European army would show the world “that there is between the European countries, never again war,” said the German Chancellor in relation to an earlier speech by the Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. You could be a good addition to Nato. In addition, she said that the EU should develop a common policy for arms exports. They also proposed a European security Council-with changing members.

France’s head of state, Emmanuel Macron had spoken last week of his desire for a “real European army” for the independence of the United States. US President, Donald Trump had criticized him for it. The idea was “offensive” for his country and Europe should pay “its fair share of the Nato,” he said.

Recently also SPD Leader, Andrea Nahles, as well as Merkel’s possible successor in the CDU presidency, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer, for a European army.

might look Like this army is unclear. Also Merkel did not comment in any more detail. According to the ideas of France could be established in the first step, by a small group of States, a powerful intervention force for crisis missions in Africa, for instance. In a next stage would then be the project of a “genuine European army” addressed.

This provides for the Federal government, however, is critical because Macron wants to establish the intervention force outside the EU framework, even prior to the EU exit of the British. “A European army should be set up within the European Union and not outside of it. For this, we have created a year ago, the European defence Union”, said defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen last week. The responsibility for troops, operations must remain with the States and parliaments. Instead of a European army, she spoke on Monday of an “army of Europeans”.

The EU has already since 2007, the crisis reaction forces. The so-called battle groups but were never used – partly because the troops would have to bear the cost of use for the most part.

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