There is a question that you should ask Angela Merkel: “Chancellor, you dare to take the big shot?” You will not, big throws are your thing. After 13 years of chancellorship everybody knows that in Germany and in Europe. But when Merkel took up the post on Tuesday afternoon in Strasbourg, in order to keep their speech on the future of the European Union, drifted nevertheless, the longing for Grandeur through the corridors of the European Parliament. You will …?

Well, it came as it had come. Who expected Large, was disappointed. But this is not only to Merkel but also to the audience and his huge expectations. Whether wars, Migration, unemployment, climate change – the EU should address it, as you would be the Almighty. The way it should be. So it must be. The European Union would not exist without the urgent impatience of many Europeans in the first place.

But those who are expecting so much, you should also know that the Union is not a God of the same subject, but a most complicated Structure, which consists of 28 member States, which have sometimes conflicting interests. Accordingly difficult is the business of the crunches and crashes it in the engine room of this Union.

Germany’s European policy: realism

Angela Merkel recalled in the European Parliament. She didn’t to defend the current state of the Union. They did it to explain why it has the reputation to be a visionary. Visions must not only have, but you must also work on their implementation. There is a desire and there is the reality. If the desire never becomes a reality, then the people of Europe turn away – and they do it well, if it takes too long until something changes. That was the message Merkel. They outline the principle of German policy on Europe of the last 13 years: realism. Merkel aims to majorities.

Well, that can be described as small-mindedness. Some members, who reacted in plenary to Merkel’s speech, before throwing it to her. Merkel’m mincing steps, while you would have to make in the face of the huge challenges of a large set to the front.

Angela Merkel spoke quite emphatically of the “tolerance as a soul of Europe”, she summoned the solidarity as an ideal fundamental value of the Union, and at the same time as the essential basis of their political action. You made it clear that she is quite willing to change the EU treaties. To her, it should not lie. Yes, you suggested that it was even necessary.

The are quite large, strong words, but they do not come out of Merkel’s mouth, igniting it. The French President, Emmanuel Macron says the same thing, it acts like a fireworks display.

This is not just due to the different rhetorical skills of the two. Macron formulated powerful visions and trust that you develop out of itself the reality-changing power.

Angela Merkel Has a Vision, she asks: How do I use it? And then the reality strikes mercilessly. Merkel’s realism is constantly preoccupied with itself as a dog that bites itself in the tail.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.