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Chancellor Angela Merkel called on the CDU in their farewell speech as party Chairman, with evocative words, to the Unity. “Where non-armed wool leads that the CDU and the CSU have experienced in the last few years of bitter,” said Merkel at the CDU party Congress in Hamburg. Where, however, Unity will lead the Christian Democrats, was also clear: In the 70 years of the Federal Republic of Germany, the CDU or the CSU had put in 50 to the Chancellor. “We Christian Democrats from the us, but never out.” Christian Democrats would never rush or other people down. There is no difference in the Dignity of the people. “We Christian Democrats serve the people of our country,” Merkel said.

Background for the words of Merkel in the afternoon pending election of the new party is likely to have been top. A head-to-head race between the Secretary-General Kramp-Karrenbauer and Ex from Annegret-Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz. With voltage is expected, whether the Minister of health, Jens Spahn can be achieved with a two-digit result a success. In the CDU, there is the concern that could deepen after the vote, the divisions between various wings of the party.

Angela Merkel, the specific Motto of the party Congress: “together stressed in this context. And lead together.” It go “in times like these,” therefore, “our country”, in Europe, Older and Younger, East and West, Stronger and Weaker, Locals and migrants together, Merkel said, and received a big round of applause.

After 18 years of fighting as a party Chairman and a 72-election after their first election in the year 2000 in Essen, the CDU have continued as a people’s party, the center the leadership in Germany. Much applause received Merkel also, as you pointed out the sometimes surprising victories in the state elections in Saarland, Schleswig-Holstein and in North Rhine-Westphalia in the past year. These were “the key” to prevent the election to the Bundestag 2017 red-Red-Green.

gratitude for Helmut Kohl

The CDU had to tackle with a new leadership and a new program, the challenges of the future. In the process, but was still the servant of the state would have to work for the Welfare of the society, inviting them to your party. Also, you indicated that you had expected with your more conservative management style of the party some. Where the party had expected a sharp and substantial attack against the political opponents, she fought rather with the foil, did you also weigh and on each end of the stick jumped, said the Chancellor.

they also called for Confidence and courage for the future. The future you could make is not with resentment, and discord, but with Confidence and joy. “It is this cheerfulness is in the heart, and I wish my party well for the future,” said Merkel. If you keep, “then we Christian Democrats will also run together in the future and lead together.”

In her speech, she also paid tribute to the late US President, George Bush. “We Germans have to be President, George Bush, to always be grateful,” she said. This gratitude also applies to Helmut Kohl and his contribution to the German unit.

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