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“We are the winners of the story!” As Angela Merkel takes over 18 years ago in Essen, the chair of the CDU, it sounds like pure summon. Because the party feels at the time – after the loss of power in 1998, the donations affair and the case of her Father, Helmut Kohl, – more like the loser of the story. The only reason why the Protestant gets, the milieu of the strange woman from the East, even their Chance to be at the forefront of the Catholic-Patriarchal, West German-dominated party. So Merkel to accept the historical self-consciousness of the CDU, to the defeated party back to reflect in the Moment of its deepest crisis: “The CDU has always been on the right track. We are the winners of history. Our balance sheet over the last 50 years is wrong.”

The Pride of the CDU Merkel will use in the following years often. From the certainty of their success story, you want to move the party to go with her “into the Open”. Into the 21st century. Century, with its vast changes and challenges. You know, “that the longing of the people will increase according to the standards and principles more”. But Merkel, the party sees the “Foundation of Christian values” well-prepared. “Our compass is true” – this phrase becomes a Theme of the next few years. But you know, at the same time that the Christian-democratic principles are not abstract enough to captivate you in your specific policy. Because “the Conservatives of the future, the courage to change”.

This article dates back to the TIME no 51/2018. Here you can read the entire issue.

Already in your first speech in Essen, Merkel draws a picture of globalization, which today sounds like a Vordeutung on the refugee crisis. “Globalization means that we all live in a world. Environmental pollution, consumption of resources, population growth affects us in the future all the more and direct. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the things that happen in other places of the earth.” So clear-sighted, this key message today sounds so little, Merkel was able to convince her party in all the years of making them to the scale of their policy. Also, therefore, their refugee policies and the attrition fight that you provoked is the real reason why Merkel had to give up after 18 years, the CDU presidency.

the Reform euphoria

Merkel, who has proclaimed in Hanover, the “return of the Political”, presented a year later in Leipzig its reform program. “We work in the future. That is our topic, that is our approach, and we will bring to an end”, it promises at the Congress. “We, the Christian democratic Union of Germany, the programmatic power to bring the intellectual leadership and the political will, Germany to the front again.”

The Congress is to rush the climax of Merkel’s earlier career. 15 years later, Leipzig amazed “” not because of the substance of the reform proposals, but especially because of the breathtaking Pathos, a later law, a sober politician, then carried away. With the Leipzig’s departure, said Merkel at the end of her speech, will the Union its historical mission, to be able to later say: “We have gone about it the Right, we have done the Right thing, we were brave, we have taken up the responsibility, and we can see the history in the eye.”

However, the proposed revolutionary tax reform, then nothing, the transformation of the health system ends in small-Small in the Grand coalition. The realization that not your Leipzig-based concepts of “bringing Germany to the front”, but ironically, the reform efforts of their scorn and derision übergossenen predecessor, is one of the great punchlines in Merkel’s career.

Reactionary stop –

One year Merkel ruled with the liberals, and many in the Union longs for the social Democrats. “The disappointment at the beginning of the Christian-liberal coalition, the heavier the weight, as we have been waiting for eleven years, fought have been hoping and working towards,” says the CDU-Chairman. The more you attack the political opponent. “A mission of historical significance” see you in “our country’s Red-to avoid Red-Green”. Black-and-Green she calls a “figment of the imagination”. The Greens are in favour of Merkel, the party compromised with its policy of preventing the future of the industry country Germany. The SPD, with whom she has successfully combated the impact of the financial crisis, it will now “escape from responsibility”.

However, the Chancellor proclaimed: “The decisions on how we meet this fall, may be quite controversial. You will be later than necessary and, finally, convince.” Among other things, the Congress decides the lifetime extension for nuclear power plants – a frontal attack against the red-and-green heritage that inspires the party. Against the expected resistance from the Opposition, the Chancellor declared: “From people who operate differently than we do – energy policy, as an ideology, let us not reproach.”

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.