For now, the title “Mr. President is still valid”. When Hans-Georg Maaßen, 55, recovered halfway to a two-week vacation in Asia, in his office in the Cologne Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV) returns, it returns the command in the headquarters of the intelligence service.

How long will the can say at the Moment, no one is binding. The only thing is that the PhD is the lawyer is going after his controversial Statements on the xenophobic attacks in Chemnitz soon his Job. The political hustle and bustle Maaßen has led to the great coalition in an even greater crisis. Nevertheless, the Confederation wants to get the interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, 69, of him a very valued official as a special adviser in his Department. There Maaßen is to be head of Department for European and international Affairs.

But whether he will hold this Post at all in the longer term, is likely to depend on how to do it politically with Seehofer.

"League of do-gooders has done it, our Executive Chef, as AfD supporters to portray"

In the political Berlin boast of even thickness Maaßens opponent whose professional competence and leadership. Many believe the man is learning since 2012, chief of more than 3,000 secret service, also a Top Job in the economy. And at a significantly higher salary than the previous 11.577 Euro in the month.

poll: Whose Position as a party leader is weakened by the outcome of the state election in Bavaria, in their opinion, most clearly?    

While Maassen is preparing for his move to Berlin, are frustrated with the employees in the protection of the Constitution Central in Cologne-chorweiler enormous. Especially because of the way the Supreme representative of the domestic secret service, a plaything of political interests. “Working with our President was ugly under all Pig”, complains an official of the higher intermediate service. “Antifa and League of do-gooders have actually done it, our boss incorrectly as the AfD sympathisers present,” says a colleague who has been through several Directors-General. Maaßen for years, a CDU member.

The box in the entrance area of the BfV-Central, can throw in the each and every employee cards with criticism and proposals, seems to be well filled. “The currently will certainly be writing a lot of solidarity,” says one of Maaßens environment.

a British Diplomat from Berlin: "you Germans are crazy!"

The vortex to the German protection of the Constitution-chief irritate obviously friendly intelligence services from Britain, France, Israel or the USA. Thilo Korte, head of the Department for international contacts, knows there is no partner country in which the domestic service such a device in-between the fronts of political opponents. “For a qualified cooperation, for example in the fight against terrorism, you need an atmosphere that is not heated by the supposed scandals, such as Chemnitz emotionally,” says an Insider to FOCUS.

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit Theo Waigel, in accordance with his criticism of the CSU course and recommends Seehofer, the resignation

A Diplomat from the British Embassy in Berlin, wants to be like most of the BfV-employees in particular not to be named, says: “you Germans are crazy! In times when the authorities need to the enemies of Germany focus on fighting the policy for a week a quote in a newspaper.“

The left party, whose observed sub-groups such as the Communist platform from the protection of the Constitution, asked to see the Chemnitzer riots velvet Maaßens assessment of the destruction of the Cologne safety Agency. As a result, the former Federal police officer, Armin Schuster, 57, security expert of the Union Bundestag called on, in turn, the left party and the Greens, “a notorious distrust of attacks”.

Bosbach: "accusation against Maaßen, to be right wing, has annoyed me excessively"

The criticism of the handling of the BfV-Boss is widely used in the Union. The CSU parliamentary Deputy and interior expert Michael Kuffer is called the representation Maaßens in a number of media has a “blatant injustice”. Very similar to the popular CDU-man Wolfgang Bosbach, has led, over the years, dozens of conversations with Maaßen: “The accusation against him, to be right wing, has annoyed me excessively.”

Maaßens succession, and the question is this: politicians or Agent?

Others remain in their allegations. Maaßen have spread “from the highest Position right Fake News,” tweeted the leader of the left party, Bernd Riexinger.

If Maaßen way, who follows him then? In the case of the appointment of a new President, there is also a question of principle: Is it a Person from the policy or someone from the operational side of the business?

First name long ago leaked: Thomas Haldenwang, 58, currently Maaßens Vice, and Arne Schlatmann, 53, Permanent representative of the secret Committee on the parliamentary control of the German intelligence services.

chances Beate Bube, 54, Director since 2008, the state office for the protection of the Constitution in Baden-Württemberg has, apparently. You would be the first woman to head a for the whole Federal territory, the competent security authority.

All the candidates know that the protection of the Constitution-in-chief sitting on a hot chair. “A politically uncomfortable quote at the wrong time,” says a former agent of boss, “and you’re away from the window.”

In the FOCUS Online/Wochit “Merkel’s end is in sight”: This is what the foreign press writes to Kauder-deselection Maaßen the protection of the Constitution President of CSU

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