almost three months Ago, escaped a cow from a farm in lower Bavaria. Since then, she lives in a forest, and all Attempts at capturing the animal have so far failed. Now it has been spotted.

The name of a loose cow on hold, according to local residents in the southern area of geisenhausen, in the district of Landshut, police said. There, the animal had been seen on Sunday evening. “It is a cat-and-mouse game,” said a police officer. The cow had been sighted since her escape from time to time, but then quickly disappeared again.

according to The figures, it is difficult for the cow to catch. It has become “almost wildly, which makes the Whole thing difficult,” said the police officer. Also, local residents have described the cow as aggressive. It should be kept apart. A veterinarian was on the alert.

The cow was on the loose in mid-October from a farm in Geisenhausen. At the time, had been searched with a helicopter and a drone after her.


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