The most spectacular performance at the game of the University Football Teams from Clemson University, and Notre Dame is no player but a bald eagle.

Suitable for the national anthem, the game was on Saturday at the stadium of Arlington, Texas, opened, showed the coat of arms animal of the USA for the first Time and flew a great round on the enthusiastic audience.

The bald eagles turned a big round to the stadium of Arlington

But that was enough: After his lap of honor, there sat the bird of prey to target, to land in the audience. To this end, he sought out the Notre-Dame-Fan Albert Armas, ducked in fright and the bird landing on his shoulder. “I’ve done me with fear in the pants,” said Armas, and later the magazine “Sports Illustrated”.

A Notre Dame Fan showed himself as brave. Tuyen Nguyen, who was sitting two blocks away from Armas, stretched out his right Arm to give the eagles a handy place to land. “I thought that he might be tired”, so Nguyen to “Sports Illustrated”. The bird accepted the offer and sat for a long and relaxed enough on Nguyen’s Arm so that he could be captured in various photos.

The appearance of the eagle-loving people, far away from the Cotton Bowl-called stadium, so that the animal received a short time later, a private Twitter account.

Only one Person got from the excitement, first of all nothing with: Nguyen’s wife. She was on the toilet when her husband was carried to his viral feat.


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