The accident occurred early in the Morning In the Turkish capital, Ankara, have been killed in a serious train crash at least nine people and 47 injured. Among the dead were one of the drivers of the locomotive, and two train drivers of the train, said transportation Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan.

in the Meantime had recovered all the people from the rubble, said Turhan. According to television reporters, the clean-up work continues. Also, sniffer dogs are in use.

at about 6.30 PM local time of the Express train near the Station Marsandiz with a locomotive was crashed. According to the Vasip Sahin, Governor of the province of Ankara, was the locomotive for a check travel on the same tracks as the fast train on the road. Parts of the high speed train crashed after the collision, in a Release. The construction collapsed in part two of the wagons.

images of the force of the collision to guess: The car overturned between torn and twisted metal, one of which is transverse to the tracks.

The accident site is located close to the Station Marsandiz. According to first information, also a plant for the maintenance of trains.

forces in Ankara

How fast is the train traveling, is unclear. Also why at the same time two trains on one Track were allowed to take part, not able to answer the authorities. The Prosecutor’s office in Ankara has launched an investigation, the Anatolia news Agency reported.

train accidents in Turkey are not uncommon. Only in July were killed in a serious accident in North-West Turkey at least 24 people were killed. More than 300 people had to be injured in hospitals. The train with 362 passengers on Board was derailed after the rains had washed away the track bed.


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