the theme of The Evening: Anne Will asked her round: “armed to the exhaust gas values – are driving bans, relatively?” Not a new debate, actually, but the past week re-launched, after the lung doctor Dieter Köhler was one of nearly a hundred of his colleagues signed a statement to the press: There is no scientific evidence that the current limit values for fine dust and nitrogen oxides (NOx) are justified. Health risks are unproven.

media star of the week: lung doctor Köhler. “Extremely one-sided” would be interpreted the corresponding results, said he now Wants. “The fine dust problem is gone, that is.” So he was there, too, after he had graced past week has been “Tough but fair”. But since then a lot has happened. Meanwhile, Köhler a, such as Federal transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) is praised for the “objectification” of the debate. The suspicion is that he defined “objectification” as “a contribution that uses the own concerns” – for example, driving to prevent bans and speed limits.

Of the others, even from his own Guild, gets Köhler significant headwinds, not only in the case of “Anne Will”. A “scientific Rarity” called him there, the epidemiologist, Heinz-Erich Wichmann. Köhler don’t just know, “like today, risk assessment is made”. However, who comes from a Position that you can’t penetrate sell as “not established”, at least in politics, the worst cards of the exam.

Dieter Köhler in the case of “Anne Wants a voice -”

The borders of the Night: The talk show format had reached its limits, as Wichmann in detail about the procedure of the world health organization, about the lengthy examination processes, the number of evaluated original work, and their resilience – but this was not really to the point. “We have a different Tempo than in their science,” said Will. She was right: There are also three representatives of the policy were invited, and there was no time for technical submissions over the years to allow for continuous processes, in all due detail. They had to be formatted. You would have a little more depth, a little more time exactly where the Talk and the space of meaning, but good use can left.

The faith question of the Night: Wants to Köhler asked why he had gone to the media: “I have not quite understood why they do that anyway.” And you played back the doubts he expressed to him: A engine, developers Daimler have signed the position paper under – “how independent are you?” But in the end, the discussion for viewers that are not subject to delivery, on a matter of faith. Do you want to go Diesel in the city centre? Then you believe the Lord Köhler with the beautiful red tie! You prefer Alternatives to the car? Her husband is Mr. Wichmann with the lavender shirt!

The self-description of the Evening: Okay, so simple it was not. “I’m from the heart of green,” said Dieter Köhler.

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The political debate of the Night: party politics, it also. “The doubts as to the limits have been in existence for many years,” said Steffen Bilger, state Secretary to the Minister of transport and of the CDU, the – you’d forget, of course – for many years the government parties. “The air is so clean like never before,” he said.

Judith Skudelny, environmental policy spokeswoman for the FDP parliamentary group, went there, they called for a Moratorium; the limit should be exposed to. In Stuttgart, people would be dispossessed. Was meant: to have the right to drive your Diesel through the city. “Every limit is a politically fixed value,” she said, what nobody denied. The Green-Chairman Anna Lena Baerbock pointed out, however, that it is a matter of European law and could expose the limits, hardly to your liking.

The “heard Somewhere before”idea of the Night: came From here, the round spot fix to the measured in German cities: Fies the said Skudelny. In other countries different measured. In Stuttgart, however, stand a measuring device directly at a traffic light, where the emission concentration is particularly high. To be representative, the measurements should be; but “we are trying to measure maximum values”. Appeal of Baerbock: It would be only driving bans, where the values are particularly high. She said that there is a remedy for driving bans – and since the discussion back then was by storm again in the case of the diesel affair. The medium-hot: cleaner cars. Hardware Retrofits. (According to the ADAC, most environmentally friendly cars you will see in the following images


route), The limits of the Night: What are the nitrogen oxide values now, but the suit would be instead of the annual mean limits of 40 micrograms per cubic meter? Dieter Köhler found that 100 would be “no Problem”, as in the United States. Heinz-Erich Wichmann did not like the template: “We are now here on the health Bazaar.”

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