Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, what is a good CDU-need a Boss. 517 of 999 delegates at the CDU party Congress in Hamburg see it that way.

you gave her the preference, Jens Spahn, and Friedrich Merz. Because your Kandidaturnahbar and was error-free. Because the CDU is dreaming with her back to a time of consensus. To make a time, it was even easier, it legal.

Kramp-Karrenbauer has become party leader, because she is the incarnation of the CDU and of its three roots, Christian-social, liberal and conservative: she sits in the Central Committee of German Catholics, but most of the modernization has relapses of the Merkel-CDU out of Conviction and compassion. The often-tried accusation that she was a Revenant of the Chancellor, and I offer to the Conservatives in the party, is, however, not durable. The marriage for all you rejects, hard-offenders refugees want to banish them after their deportation for life from the Schengen area. Deportations to Syria is not a taboo. And while the Federal government still violently on the subject was in a fight, let Kramp-Karrenbauer as Minister-President in case of doubt, minors, refugees x-ray to determine her age.

The time of the 40-percent-people’s parties is over

AKK, as it is called, has government experience, and their cozy and lucrative Minister President innenamt in the Saarland abandoned to commute as the Secretary-General to Berlin, away from the family. That has been always in the service of the party, have you counted many high.This year, as Secretary General, she has toured diligently through the chapters, so what brings respect.

you started to write a new basic program, and the first substantive stirrings of the CDU in years, as they brought a (social or military) active duty for all the German into the conversation.

AKK has proven that they can play every angle of a 40-percent-people’s party. In Germany, the 2010 conditions, the ACC would be unbeatable. But that time is over, permanently.

The choice of the supposed number-safe-candidate for the CDU, therefore, also a risk.

people’s party, who is big. Prerequisite the content was for a long time. A party had to apply to as many layers and with a wide program for the time. This no longer works. To disperse the German Public, to heterogeneous environments, volatile, picky, former voters.

Who is open on all sides, may not be quite tight – the phrase is attributed to Kurt Tucholsky. He is regarded, especially in a Parliament with seven parties. Since präpotente Green seats, neurotic Christian-social and angry right-wing populists. Under the terms of the real-time outrage, the external shocks are large. The ridge is looking to attracted has become narrower. To integrate So many currents, and to harmonise, in a people’s party could Mature in terms of content, is difficult.

CDU-chair Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer’s new CDU-Chairman of The Saar countries prevailed in a runoff against Friedrich Merz. 517 delegates voted for Kramp-Karrenbauer, while Merz 482 votes. © Photo: Kay Nietfeld/dpa Merz, the candidate for the spirit of the times

The people’s party is therefore in a dialectical Situation: to come back at least in the vicinity of the size, so about 30 percent, needs to strip away the CDU, the arbitrariness of their national party rhetoric – otherwise it will happen to her as the SPD. Speaking only as a people’s party, blur, therefore, in the perception-for-For-everything-and-nothing-party. Consequence: you verzwergt. The Green make it better. Consult with a very specific, and in the sense of the word exclusive offer to your clientele and grow so just to the second power in the Federal government.

Friedrich Merz, the CDU would have had it under the circumstances, the winding up as at the end of the era of Merkel, in the short term might be easier. He represents the wealthy, white, heterosexual man from West Germany – for which he, by the way, of all places, in the East celebrated. He would be the valiant, and already highly controversial, the spirit of the time candidate have been in a System without real political parties, with a plurality of internally homogeneous and mutually equidistant makes blocks.

Kramp-Karrenbauer in the population and among CDU supporters, the most popular in all the surveys – because unanstößigste candidate. You want to win the next elections, European elections and state elections in Eastern Germany, where the opponents are not Merz and Spahn, but the AfD and the Greens, you need to at least change the Latter.

Whether you can succeed? The type for unconditional attack you is not, it would not be authentic, so you made it in your application, speech is still clear. This is probably the most important speech of her career, but was quite combative and, at times, self-willed, undaunted, in spite of a high pressure and well-being of a million audience.”We are not a political convenience,” said Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer in your party. If you are taking this seriously, it is really the Keeper of Merkel’s heritage.

Kevin Chung studied literature in Seoul. He is interested in various areas. He can be reached at or 82-2-6956-6698.