In the past few years, he was missing in Germany, demanded, pronounced dead: the conservatism. A common Thesis: A strong conservatism could prevent the further rise of the AfD.

Thomas de maizière’s theses to a German Leitkultur, the establishment of the home Ministry or Alexander Dobrindts demand for a “conservative Revolution”: All these were Attempts of leading Union politicians, to strengthen the conservatism of a party which has deviated in recent years, with the implementation of the nuclear phase-out, the marriage for all and the minimum wage of your previous line and in the center of society has moved on. Also the migration policy of the government of Angela Merkel for 2015 was considered by many as an expression of a weakened, if not abolished conservatism. Angela Merkel with her often as a pastoral and evasively described style was blamed for the.

According to this year’s state elections in Bavaria and Hesse, the election in Saxony in the year ahead. The fear of the Union from defeat, before a further rise of the AfD is great. With the election of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the Chance for a redefinition.

a strong conservatism Can prevent the rise of the AfD?

looks Like for a conservatism of tomorrow? What values should he use as a guide? Can prevent is a strong conservatism, a further rise of the AfD? In what way could he succeed? What do you expect from a CDU, which will go to the end of Merkel’s chancellorship will most likely work with Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer as a top candidate in the next Federal election? And from which political perspective you look on the conservatism – select self-CDU, or you feel a different party to belong to?

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