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is entered so what would probably have prevented not a few Christian Democrats: With Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer follows Angela Merkel, a woman as Chairman of the CDU. And then a second woman is in the eyes of some was worse than the first.

Had been to Merkel before the age of 18 years is still a kind of stopgap, the estimated long Under, laughed at, actually just a transitional candidate for the donations scandal, Helmut Kohl, as much weakened party, occurs Kramp-Karrenbauer, not only in your footsteps, but proves with her victory once more, that the party in the Merkel-seems to have years, learned: people’s party can only be those who take women as seriously as men. Anyone who either is a woman, the led will or at least by a man with a recognizable sense for Equality, with a kind of female skills. Neither Friedrich Merz still Jens Spahn possess this wondrous gift.

Angela Merkel this decision, this new Revolution, more than any other pushed, as she summoned the Saarland Minister-President in the spring, to the office of the Secretary-General. But ultimately, she has you but, above all, to happen. That was it, what have appreciated the man more than the party members to you so: The country could modernise through you and change, because they have not made these changes, but you are brave and dominating at the same time, remained open for political decisions beyond a scale from left to right. This is also a facet of their East German coinage. She lacked the smell is also the understanding of any Form of non-material like a real Grandfathering.

A woman of the apparatus

For Merkel, which was also true for Willy Brandt: it was in the people more popular than her party. You looked through your apparatus through the people in the country. The many politicians can’t. And of course it has to do with the fact that you even came with a certain delay, and the right to life in the policy.

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer has made in your life nothing as a policy. She has been Minister, a woman of the apparatus, already -, Social -, women -, family -, Sport -, culture – and Prevention, most recently, she was in the Saarland Minister-President and Minister of education. If you would, Chancellor, you could get rid of the Cabinet practically, wrote Tina Hildebrandt at the same TIME.

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