Vladimir Putin has warned of the growing danger of a nuclear war. “If, God forbid, something like this happens, it can lead to the destruction of the entire civilization, if not of the whole planet,” said the Russian President at his annual press conference in Moscow to a question. The conference will be held for 14. Time has lasted in the past several hours.

Putin criticised the fact that there were currently no talks on the limitation of missile armaments. Worrying is that in the military plan, the threshold for the use of nuclear weapons is declining. The responsibility for the growing danger he saw on the part of the United States, the major arms control had terminated contracts. Russia is not seeking military Superiority, but for equality, said the Russian head of state.

Putin blames Poroshenko provocation before

Putin has accused the Ukrainian President, Petro Poroshenko, to have the incident in the Strait of Kerch deliberately provoked in order to improve his chances in the election campaign.

In the Strait of Kerch had put Russian special forces, three Ukrainian military boats with 23 men on Board. Also shots were fired, several Sailors were injured. The Ukrainian Sailors are sitting in Russian custody, the Russian authorities accuse the Ukrainians of the violation of the Russian borders. Kiev denies this.

Putin also commented on the economic situation in Russia. The planned and the population is extremely unpopular VAT increase should remain a one-off event, Putin said. Russia need also a “breakthrough” in the case of technological innovations. “Without that, our country has no future.”

“The most Important thing is that we must economically come into a new League,” said Putin. The objective has to be it among the five largest economies in the world. The world Bank estimates, the country currently ranks in twelfth place.

Putin sees no basis for charges against Butina

The Russian President also addressed the case of the imprisoned in the United States Russian Maria Butina. Butina was known to the agent activity for the guilty. She admitted in Federal court in Washington to have between 2015 up to her arrest in July 2017, under the guidance of a Moscow government representative in the United States operates.

Butina have to run any commands of the Russian security services, Putin said. He could not understand why they sit in the prison; for there is no basis for it.

The Russian President also spoke about the relations of his country to the UK. These are also dangers for months after the poison attack on the former Russian agent Sergei Skripal. Russia was not interested in completely good relationships.

Putin welcomes the announced withdrawal of the United States Syria

The Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of the USA from Syria, Putin welcomed. “Donald’s right,” said the Russian President to trump’s assessment that the IS had been beaten back.

The consequences of the announced U.S. withdrawal from Syria, according to Putin, however, unclear. In Afghanistan, the United States since the age of 17 present. Again and again they have announced, but not done.


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