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Vladimir Putin’s press conferences are a fight. It goes to the end of each year, not only to snag a seat. This Time around 1700 journalists, photographers and camera people crowded into the large hall of the Congress centre World Trade on the Moscow river. But also a question of the President ever ask a question.

The journalists do not tear signs high as “I’ll go, as long as I have not asked a question” or “Putin – Hecht,” on the the head of state bare-chested. They shout: “Here in the last number of” the “corruption!!!”, in order to draw somehow attention of the President at the large Desk. At the end to make it 53 journalists in almost four hours.

Many of the Russian colleagues to come out of the regions: a wife of a Wolgoroder Internet portal has dressed up as snow maiden; a journalist pans a sign “Putin plus Skis”, it comes from Karachay-Cherkessia to the South of the European part, invites the head of state to go skiing. Several participants from the Region are allowed to Vladivostok to get the word out. There, the Kremlin had at the weekend for a second Time to choose, after the candidate of the Communists in the first ballot, first on the front and over night suddenly, voices lost, which led to protests.

journalists at Putin’s press conference

Many journalists Express their thanks to the President. What this has to do with journalistic work, is the question. “We call the event press conference,” said Putin at the beginning. The press show is more like it.

Putin’s holiday

Putin is in a good mood, joking and smiling this Thursday. Maybe it’s the date: The 20. Is December in Russia, the day of the security services, so that the domestic secret service FSB, which Putin once Board.

Perhaps it’s the fact that Putin seems to be satisfied with 2018. Even if Russia will be busy with new sanctions of the West, Moscow has expanded its influence at the international level, because Donald Trump Russia with his America-First policies, many of the rooms: in Afghanistan, where the Kremlin brought the Taliban to the negotiating table; in Africa, where Russia’s rulers, with various power-military and economic cooperation agreed, and especially in the Middle East. In Syria, nothing will be decided without Putin.

Vladimir Putin

Clearly pleased the Russian President Trumps welcomed a few hours old announcement that the US-troops from Syria pull it off. “Donald’s right,” says Putin, as he talks about his American colleagues, who announced via a Tweet that the terrorist organization “Islamic state” was defeated. Donald and Vladimir, leader of two world powers, so the should sound good.

Mild President

Had upset Putin last year, was constantly “tsssschhh” to admonish the journalists to rest, he says now: “ladies and gentlemen, if we want to continue to talk, then let this event not be in an unauthorized protest event transform.” Laugh. Unauthorized protests in Russia there are only the Opposition, but not in the case of President Putin.

“For the good of the country” is the title of Putin’s this year’s press conference. Anyone who has wondered, what is he after almost 20 years at the helm of Russia as Prime Minister and the President actually intends to do, the looks between all of the posters, which can be swiveled back and forth, a mild occurring head of state has committed to multiple roles.

post: Putin evokes vividly the “economic breakthrough” that Russia need. His track record has gaps: 23 so-called national projects has placed the Kremlin in order to promote education, health, agriculture and housing in the country. 13 of them are directed, according to the court, from liberal Economist Alexei Kudrin, is not efficient. Why Russia has an economic growth rate of just slightly more than one percent, not Putin can explain that. He remains in General. Says, he was, by and Large, satisfied with its government under Prime Minister Dimitrij Medvedev. It sounds more like Stalling under the Motto “Everything is good” than a concrete Plan. The Reformer: That Putin is one who leaves his country will always be change, you can not say, because he does not know that such steps are especially popular. A majority of Russians back the yearning is still in the “good old days” of the Soviet Union, in which the state cared for its citizens. But on the subject of pension Putin now pulls Changes: With the beginning of 2019 women and men have to work longer (up to 60 years and 65 years), which, given the low life expectancy especially in the regions, and the low pension increase for displeasure. The criticism is Putin on Thursday to bounce off. The population is shrinking, he must act for the good of the country, says Putin. Tutors: in This role, Putin is fond of, he can present to its citizens but quick successes: He promises a journalist from Saint Petersburg, assistance in the construction of eleven million rubles, expensive football course for children; a man from the Leningrad Region to help with the gas. Pipes are not where they should be. The land defender: minutes long, takes Putin, and what attempts of the West, everything to the development of Russia to stop. It hadn’t been for the sanctions after the poison attack on the former double agent Sergei Skripal, says Putin, the West is “something else” against Moscow up. It was the one he so often tried to image a hates Russia, Putin immediately in the role of the defender to slip. That two agents of the Russian military to the secret of his service for the attack responsible, he mentions not a single syllable. Russophobia accuses Putin also “the Kiev days in front of Power” that operated so that the election campaign before the presidential elections in March. Moscow financed the war in the Donbass and supports, of which the Kremlin chief did not want to speak. A question from a Ukrainian journalist on how much the application cost there, soaked for Putin, he accuses Kiev, in turn, to block the supply of the Donbas.

Vladimir Putin, and journalists

the Critical questions are only available in cans at Putin’s press conferences and will be commented from the Kremlin boss: “do you Want to provoke a scandal?”, he asks the Ukrainian journalist Roman Tsymbaliuk. After all, the fast is allowed to speak each year, under the strict guard of the FSO, the security service of the President.

The investigative Journalist of the Internet portal “Insider”, a novel Dobrochotow, is not left, however, despite accreditation not only in the hall. He had uncovered the identity of the GRU agents in the Skripal case with.

Putin’s press conferences are a fight, in which not all are allowed to participate.

Combined : Four hours of the annual press conference of Russian President Vladimir Putin – and, as always, it was more for the press show. Opposition, or even Protest against the course of the Russian government, it was only in the approved framework. Instead, it was allowed to give Putin as a modernizer, a Reformer, a doer and land defender.

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