The U.S. government separated thousands of illegal immigrant families on the border to Mexico and put migrant children in the camp. The Philippines continues to be almost daily for alleged drug die inserts criminals by the police and by death squads. Italy’s interior Minister Matteo Salvini can rescue vessels with refugees on Board, not to create and criminalized the helpers. 2018, in the year of 70-anniversary of the universal Declaration of human rights, it is not particularly good for human rights. So it seems at least.

But there are also positive news, at least according to the annual report of the human rights organization Human Rights Watch (HRW) for 2018, According to the world resistance against people formed quite hostile populists. Particularly, the European Union, the United Nations and other alliances of Nations that were supported by civil rights groups and protest movements have been involved, the report says.

Although certain negative developments more the headlines. But: “By populist spread the most hatred and intolerance, call it a resistance movement on the Plan, which can always be recorded again success,” says HRW Executive Director Ken Roth. “The excesses of autocracy have created a powerful resistance.” It shows that the Vision of a democratic, law-based state was clearly still a driving force.

especially in the four countries have formed strong resistance against autocratic governments:

Syria: The covenants have probably saved the most lives, have focused on the War in Syria, the report says. Above all, the Federal government got in the negotiations on a ceasefire in the Syrian province of an important role in Idlib played, said Roth. German Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) have exercised with the other EU heads of government to successfully pressure on Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, in order to prevent an Offensive on Idlib. Today, three million people live there, at least half of them should be fled from other parts of the country there and in Idlib in safety (learn more here).

demonstrators in Idlib (September 2018)

Saudi Arabia: Tragically, have only led to the murder of the saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, the world is interested in the abuse of human rights by the Saudi Arabian government. After all, the Turkish government fought for a full investigation of the violence. In addition, the government in Riyadh was also for the death of countless civilians in Yemen responsible, it is said in the HRW report. International pressure has contributed to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition, a cease-fire in and around the Yemeni port of Hudeida agreed, an important point of access to the starving civilian population. This had been negotiated by the United Nations. Hungary: Many people went last year in Hungary against the plans of Viktor Orbán on the road. The Prime Minister had planned to close the Central European University, “an academic Bastion of free inquiry and thought,” as HRW writes. Also called the “slave law, which met with” resistance, that is, the number of allowed Overtime hours increase and up to a three-year delay in the payment of Overtime to allow.

protests in Budapest (December 2018)

In September last year, the Europe, decided by Parliament, a rule of law procedure against Hungary. The European Parliament had to certify the Orbán-government is a “systemic threat to democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights”. Myanmar: While in Myanmar, a legal reappraisal of the crimes against the Muslim minority, the Rohingya, the military continues to be unlikely. The pressure on the De facto head of government and Nobel peace prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi is growing but steadily. So, both the EU and Canada have decided in the past year, sanctions against the Southeast Asian country. In August, the U.S. government’s travel restrictions led to high generals of the country. A UN expert group produced a report in which they accused the Myanmar military of war crimes, such as murder, torture, hostage-taking and forced displacement. In the conflict, the US group Facebook has been criticized. According to the allegations, Facebook have taken no adequate steps, to hate comments against Rohingya stem, in Myanmar, wanted to use the company is now more checkers in the country.

There is, but, despite some positive developments, many countries continue to be gross violations of human rights. As the “biggest neglected Problem called” HRW chief Roth the actions of the Chinese government against the Muslim minority, the Uighurs. According to UN estimates, up to one Million Uighurs and other turkstämmige Muslims held camps in internment (read more here).

In China has been exacerbated by state Repression in the past year, and the worst dimensions since the bloody crushing of the democracy movement in Tiananmen square in 1989, says the HRW report. In addition, the authorities have intensified their attacks on the freedom of expression.

It is to be hoped that Germany will take in the future a “leadership role” in the defence of human rights in the world, says Roth. Also in the UN security Council in Berlin, is voice is very important. Germany was moved to the beginning of the year as a non-permanent member in the most important body of the United Nations.

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