Because they no longer slow down their students with bad grades and frustration wanted to control, summed up a teacher made a decision: you decided to distribute from now on only good grades and to help as many of their students for graduation. After all, no one know what they are in the future.

More than 300,000 people read the Text, the said teacher for SPIEGEL ONLINE wrote. Then, a controversial debate began whether the teacher had empathic or objectionable traded and whether their Action is lawful.

Many readers have criticized, for example, that the teacher move the Failure of your student Tarik only if you admit him to a lot of stones out of the way – and that the universities are already enough ill-prepared high school graduates enrolled for:

“You should admonish the teacher, and your dismissal of the threat. We have already mass-high school graduates who are overwhelmed with the 1×1 or a simple three-sentence hopeless. Conflict-averse teachers are the reason.”

“I experience such young people with ‘grace ‘ Abitur’ at the University, the years of your life to waste, because you are not able to cope with the demands of studying and then in their eyes as the loser again, must go. It may be that students such as this, Tarik evolve, but in this case, a training professional can help.”

“How to meet the behavior of this teacher to other students, the „bring out“ the performance, without the teachers „help“ ? Is not moved, a Failure here only on later? On a course of study, in the profession?”

“If the school should prepare for life, is also part of Failure and identification of boundaries. This Tarik will never tear something, because he builds up because of personal lack of success, no self-consciousness.”

Other readers were able to find the approach of the teacher is quite something :

“I that this teacher is understood as one of the Few profession under the educational aspect is correct and fills. It is not that they are giving away basically just good grades and thus good. She seems to be more than any other known to me the teacher with the individual in the Individual as well as the group in the Entire deal.”

“a Lot of students, whether German or immigrant, in need of support and compassion. It is as a teacher. Everyone should get a Chance, no matter what Background he has.”

“in view of the fact that today, many parents tend to be for every little thing with the lawyer on the Mat and the teacher concerned mostly with no backing from the school Board or the Department of education can expect, I can understand this behavior well.”

During all of this the question arises, however: May give the teacher at all, all the students “good grades”? And who controls you?

Nannette Meyer-sandy is a lawyer and expert on school law in Hamburg and in the negative. “The teacher violates the law,” says Meyer-sandy. The school laws and examination regulations of the Länder provide that the notes may not be used for any products or services distributed.

For example, in the school laws of Bavaria and North Rhine-Westphalia, it is said: The Note ‘should’ be granted, if the performance meets the requirements. Because both employees and verb were bound was a teacher, says lawyer Meyer-sandy.

In the curricula, and conferences will be held often, which skills students have in the subjects to achieve and according to what principles the teachers their achievements to be assessed. Nevertheless, Each teacher remains a pedagogical discretion and a lot of freedom in the distribution of grades.

teacher confessions DPA Even more confessions you find here!

lawyer, Meyer-sandy considers that it is nevertheless unrealistic for the teacher with your approach. Finally, there is in secondary schools, usually twice a year, we had a testimony meeting in which all teachers who teach in one class and compared their scores for each individual student. “As colleagues are puzzled,” says Meyer-sandy.

in Addition, it does not depend on a single teacher, whether a student can do his a-levels or not. The final grade is calculated from multiple subjects and written exam to be corrected to work in each state by a minimum of two specialist teachers and a rating.

nevertheless, the response shows on the current teacher’s confession that the author seems to have hit a social nerve. Because of the extent to which notes can be, has Long been a hot debated topic.

As a German law student was last year, his homework twice and got two very different notes. In order to make all the high school grades just, tried to the provinces, to unify the requirements. Why the helps, to make the Abitur, comparable in this analysis.

Sam Yoon has many years of experiences in journalism. He has covered such areas as information technology, science, sports and politics. Yoon can be reached at 82-2-6956-6698.