it from the final anti-Semitism of the Nazis, scientists speak of a “new anti-Semitism”, which of course is as new as the pleated skirts, are back this summer modern. It is also called “secondary anti-Semitism” or “debt-defensiveness anti-Semitism”, where these terms are used mainly to disguise the fact that it is the anti-Semite’s fun to hate Jews, and that they do it under various pretexts.

sometimes it goes against Jews dressed as Germans, French, poles, Russians, Ukrainians, against Jews who want to live as a separate Nation in a state of their own. The Jew can make it to the anti-Semites never legal, because it is not the anti-Semites about how the Jew is to the left or right, rich or poor, smart or stupid, it’s that the Jew is there.

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