Apartments-hotels-brace-for-robots-amid- virus
Samsung C&T said Tuesday that the country’s top builder plans to install guide robots based on artificial intelligence at its new apartments in Seoul. Photo courtesy of Samsung C&T

An increasing number of apartments and hotels are embracing service robots in South Korea due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has caught the world by surprise.

Samsung C&T recently said that the country’s leading constructor will install guide robots powered by artificial intelligence at its new apartments.

The autonomous robots, which Samsung says are capable of recognizing voices, will guide people at community centers. They can also carry baggage.

Samsung said that the company will test-run the robots at its two apartment complexes to be built in southern Seoul.

In February, Howard Johnson Jeju Hotel introduced an AI robot to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19 coronavirus.

The hotel, which is located in the country’s southernmost island Jeju, equipped the robot with thermal sensors and dispensers of hand sanitizers.

In case the robot finds suspected COVID-19 patients by measuring their temperature, it is designed to ask them to visit a selected clinic.

The country was already proactive in bracing for robotic technologies in everyday life even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

For example, Korea’s largest discount chain E-Mart tested a humanoid robot Pepper, which is made by Softbank Robotics, beginning in 2018.

E-Mark worked with a local university to enable Pepper to move autonomously so that it can approach shoppers to ask what they want and provide relevant information.

Observers expected that COVID-19 will accelerate the adoption of such concierge robots.


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