the General Director of The Russian Anti-Doping Agency Rusada, Yuri Ganus, has appealed in a video message to President Vladimir Putin, because he is afraid of the sporty self-isolation of Russia.

You have to necessarily long, the Compliant Status by the world Anti-Doping Agency Wada. Only the participation of Russian athletes in sports could be secured large-scale events, as well as the sweeps of competitions. It is not, therefore, the question of how many positive doping samples were found in the Moscow laboratory, “but how we handle it”.

Due to massive misconduct in the course of the state of doping revelations was the Rusada in November 2015 by Wada as a “non-compliant” (non-compliant) been classified. As a result, a large number of Russian athletes from the Olympic games 2016 was excluded. For the winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang, Russia was suspended. However, a number of athletes allowed to compete under a neutral flag.

In September of this year, Wada had pardoned the Rusada after three years of lock – on condition, access to doping samples in the Moscow laboratory. But it was nothing.

Yuri Ganu,

Recently, a team of experts to the Wada was left without a complete data set from the Russian capital. According to the Wada’s Mission is “not within the prescribed time limit” to complete. The reason was that Russian authorities wanted to certify the Wada-equipment only according to the Russian legislation. According to Wada, this condition had not been made previously.

Rusada Director Ganu, keeps the apparently risky and wrong. “The obstruction of the investigation of the Moscow laboratory database indicates that people want to prevent the Submission of data and samples,” he said. Name he called.

Instead, he emphasized the importance of cooperation with Wada. “We are at the edge of the abyss,” said Ganu, in the direction of Putin: “I ask you to protect the present and the future of clean sport.” The Kremlin did not want to speak first.

Ganu, complained that the Russians were able to transfer within the past three months, no saved samples. “The Moscow laboratory database is therefore constantly speculation, which affect our Sport,” said Ganus. Russia had to be like no other interested to cope with the problems of his past.

He was still convinced that Russia is on the 31. December, the end of the on the part of the Wada deadline, will not be classified as “non-compliant”. Instead, Ganu’s wishes in the coming year “many victories and successes, the opportunities for our athletes to new horizons”.


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