Apple CEO Tim Cook calls on the U.S. government to regulate Data brokers legally sharper. In a guest post for the “Time Magazine” writes Cook: “consumers should not have to tolerate another year in the company in an irresponsible way huge, user profiles accumulate, to get into the data breaches out of control seem and the opportunity disappears, to control our digital life”.

Already last October, had spoken to Cook in front of privacy advocates in Brussels of the “Monitoring” company and a “data-industrial complex” in the data “with military efficiency against us” would be turned. That’s what he meant by his criticism, especially Facebook and Google, it was evident, even without that, he mentioned you by name. The European privacy basic regulation, praised Cook as an example.

DSGVO – easy privacy policy explains basic regulation of What the new EU rules for citizens mean

Now he attacks other companies: “Perhaps you have bought something at an online retailer – most of us have done that already. But what the dealer tells you, is that he is selling information about your shopping data to retailers or forwards. Such information merchants exist for the sole purpose of collecting your data, merge and sell another company.”

Currently, this is the second recovery, in the market exist “in a shadow economy, which remains largely unchecked – out of the sight of consumers, regulators and politicians”.

citizens to the resale of your data

can stopping Specifically, Cook is now a Federal law regulated the establishment of a settlement (engl. clearing house) by the US trade Supervisory FTC. There would need to register all of the data distributors and consumers the ability to track the resale of their data, and this is free of charge and permanently delete.

Apple uses in its products and services at many Points on data avoidance and anonymization. The company sees this as a competitive advantage, and uses the approach, in order to distance themselves from other big companies in Silicon Valley.

Apple’s business model, however, is a different than, say, Facebook and Google: Apple sells primarily Hardware. In addition, the company earns at Apps, iTunes content, and services, such as Apple Music, but not targeted, to users of data-based View. On the other hand, devices such as the iPhone or the iPad without the services and content from Google, Facebook and others would not be so Central to the lives of their users.


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