With an old witticism has made it clear IT Professor Key Pousttchi, for Safer Internet Day to his listeners the Dilemma when it comes to mobile Numbers. “MasterCard may say for years, far better before that, if you get divorced than you”, the Potsdam Professor this week at a conference of the German IT industry Association Bitkom and the Federal Ministry of justice. Mastercard have with the number of data only on a small data track of its customers. The law Professor Ian Ayers of Yale University had reported more than ten years ago for the first time about the info access to the credit card companies in the USA.

The Internet giant, Google, Amazon, Apple or Facebook did not, however, only a data track, says Pousttchi, but a true data carpet. The U.S. groups, only the transaction data, the payment data were missing, actually, in order to win the economic sovereignty of Information about the plurality of customers and business areas. None have more information about the customers and could make more relevant recommendations, the scientists.

The Tech giant could pool their information to the appropriate practical recommendations, so that we can spend money where you would like it to. You, dear reader know of readers: the beginnings of the model: customers who have purchased this Pair of shoes, are also interested in such a jaunty winter coats.

the then traditional advertising? The customers perceive as advertising? Or is it just scary. “96 percent of the customers do not want to use your payment data for advertising purposes,” said Minister of justice Katarina Barley (SPD) at the conference. In the result, but might need to be separated, actually, payment data from other Online data and, above all, virtually shredded.

On the assurances of the Internet giants, not to bring data together, one should certainly not leave. Facebook wants to run their own Messenger services WhatsApp and Instagram, currently offers a cautionary tale. The data hunger of the group is insatiable.

“using a Smartphone is yet to pay dividends,”

in the light of this privacy debate, another question in the Background: How safe is my money when you Pay in network and mobile payment with the Smartphone? If App loses his cell phone with the Pay-or stolen it gets, is that in everyday life might be worse than the loss of the wallet: contact details, pictures, number of data – everything is gone. But you do not necessarily runs the risk of losing additional money.

Might have been exposed to, but also to a few consumers, this risk actually. About a year ago, the opinion research Institute Forsa on behalf of the consumer protection organisation of the market guards had determined that only three percent of the respondents have paid in Germany with the Smartphone. The Bundesbank was at almost the same time: “using a Smartphone as well as with customers and pre-paid cards is paid.”

Meanwhile, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and the Apps of savings banks and people’s banks are to Start. But that, as the Bitkom claims, in fact, “30 percent of the customers of a representative survey,” have paid mobile, I like to believe. Most of the customers would have paid in the supermarket with your Smartphone, and some, also, when buying a train or subway tickets, according to the industry Association. Would also used the Paid Apps of new financial service providers.

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Maybe you share my skepticism of the Bitkom Figures of the new mobile payment nation, have see in your favorite supermarket in Munich, in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel district, or in Berlin-Neukölln also rarely or never have someone with a Smartphone to pay. Here are a few Figures: In November 2018, the savings banks reported that its Payment App is good been 300,000 Times downloaded, of 186,000 customers could pay, indeed, and a total of more than 500,000 payment transactions had taken place.

70 percent of the Bank customers in this country have opened their account in banks. The Mobile Banking flagship Institute N26 has more than two million customers in 24 countries. Apple Pay, the Apple users among the customers of the German Bank, the HypoVereinsbank, Comdirect and N26 can pay, launched its mobile payment service in Germany, just in the middle of December 2018. And also Google Pay made it only a few months before Apple Pay on the German market.

So overall, we are not to come to Germany so far in mobile payments: a number of providers have failed, others are only just out of the starting block came in. Also in a European comparison, we are way behind. For the consumer, the do not need to be different than for the banks but bad. And for several reasons:

and the legislature can look at, such as Mobile Payment in other countries works, and what to do in order to ensure more data poverty and a better data separation when it comes to mobile Pay. If you want to be vorndran, give a try to in addition to the mobile Pay the new mobile account – first second account . So you get a feel for the opportunities and pitfalls. Entry-level accounts almost for free. Test can then make use of especially if you the benefits of mobile banking, such as the Transfer of money to friends in the Restaurant without an account number or mobile number – at all. In the case of my self-experiment is just a journalist colleague offered as a referral of victims. You equip prior to use as a wallet or account in the pants pocket in any case, your Smartphone safety technology. Do not rely on the promptness of the authorities: The Federal office for information security (BSI) also could not tell 50 hours after my request, whether in the past two years, consumers have come when it comes to mobile Banking, to damage. And you pay more for the one or other of the purchase in cash. Not just in the sex shop. Privacy works currently, actually, only the Pay by cash .

the Latter gives even the Bitkom-chief. Achim Berg thinks aloud about a kind of species protection for the cash. “There are good legal reasons for anonymous Pay.” His observation: “There is a Trend to want to but then not fully monitored, and to use the cash somewhere.”

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