Who wants to apply for the study of medicine, for the is set to change in the future, a lot of things. The draft of a state Treaty provides that the Minister of science of the Länder in the standing conference of education Ministers (KMK) have agreed on.

Background: There exists in the medical courses – medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and dentistry – a distribution fight. Annually, just over 11,000 of the approximately 50,000 applicants will be admitted to public universities. The Federal constitutional court had decided by the end of 2017, the authorisation procedure is in part unconstitutional, and until the end of 2019, the new has to be regulated.

What concrete reforms the Minister? The most important questions and answers in the Overview:

How does the allocation of medical student places so far?

The admission procedure is divided in three parts:

20% of the study courses in medical subjects are awarded after the graduation grade of the applicants. The crush is so great that almost the only ones-have high school graduates opportunities to get via the Numerus clausus. 20% of the places will be allocated according to the waiting time of the applicants. The rush leads to a lot of waiting times of up to 15 semesters apply. 60% of first-year students find the universities in their own selection process. Basis: an Amendment to the framework act for higher education from the year 2003. The hope was that the Unis would take into account in your selection, stronger Motivation, personal Suitability, as well as social and professional background. In practice, it remained mostly at the Abi-cut.

What exactly should change?

Until the summer semester 2020 to apply to the new provisions, the conference of education Ministers has agreed that:

The wait ratio as it was previously, should be abolished. For applicants who are still on waiting lists, transitional rules planned. In the future, the universities should be obliged by law to take into account in addition to GPA two additional criteria. What they are, to determine the Unis themselves. You can perform the Tests or selection interviews. 60 percent of the seats should be awarded. At the same time, high school best rate should be extended. Instead of 20 to 30 percent of the seats according to the Numerus clausus to be awarded. The KMK on the grounds that the baccalaureate average grade of “gives information about General cognitive skill, and personality-related skills, such as Motivation, diligence and work attitude”. Re-introduced the Fitness level to the extent of ten per cent. For the selection of school-based independent criteria should be considered.

How is it ensured that the universities adhere to the new rules?

The question arises in particular in the case of the procurement procedures in the GPA, as well as two further criteria in the selection are to be included. It is planned that the universities formulate new selection set. In some States, such a sentence does not need to be approved by ministries, in others.

“If a candidate is not of the view that a certain Statute was righteous, he can complain against it,” says Wilhelm Achelpöhler, attorney at law for higher education law and approvals. So convenient as in the past, it may not be possible to make the Unis with the new rules, however. After all, you are obliged by law to add additional criteria to include.

What will be improved for applicants, through the revision?

“The process is a little fairer and more transparent,” said higher education expert Achelpöhler. “The basic problem is that in Germany, there is a glaring lack of medicine study places prevails, however, changes nothing.” Four out of five applicants would get with the new rules on the place you would like.

Just in the country the shortage of Doctors was so great, that one must be employed very soon, again with the question of how applicants access to the medical studies easier, Achelpöhler. Of the state ceiling to the requirement in the past, with Doctors from abroad for their training, he nothing had to pay. This is a still unsolved Problem, take the System to a “lack of management”.

What are the crucial points in the design?

to increase The graduation best rate from 20 to 30 per cent, is considered to be politically controversial compromise. Some länder, such as Bavaria, wanted to select a significant proportion of candidates continue only in accordance with the Numerus clausus. The rate, however not sure that a straight a school really a place to get it. “In the past, there have been countless cases of candidates with 1.0-cut, which got to no place, because no space was there,” says Achelpöhler.

criticism comes from Thuringia: “on the one Hand, we have now found a broadly workable regime,” says science Minister, Wolfgang Tiefensee. “On the other hand, we would have wished that in the award of just job experience would be stronger. A GPA alone says little about the future Suitability for the medical profession.” Thuringia was included in the vote in the KMK, therefore, the voice.

what’s next now?

The agreement must be approved at the beginning of next year, the Prime Minister conference final and then by all the national parliaments to be ratified.

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