archaeologists have discovered sites in the Egyptian Nile Delta, dozens of historical tomb. The oldest are more than 5000 years old, estimate the researchers. The graves date from a time long before the pharaohs in the Land of the Nile prevailed. The tomb were discovered in plants about 140 kilometers North of the capital, Cairo, announced the Egyptian antiquity authority.

In several of the graves the skeletons were well preserved. The dead were buried in a squatting Position, which is typical for this time. The tombs were probably created by representatives of the Naqada culture between 3200 and 3000 BC. The people of this time were already able to process copper.

The dead were used to be buried in this time in a crouching position.

The place is centuries later, once again as a cemetery. The archaeologists are grave sites from the Second found between the time between 1782 and 1570 BC. In the tombs, archaeologists found the Remains of animals and pottery, which were given to the dead, apparently as a burial object. About this epoch in the history of Ancient Egypt, little is known so far.


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