The beer drinking habits of the British is legendary. The call has been mainly due to the curfew, the in the UK for many years, thirsty men and women to the down plunge of significant volume of Beer forced. Finally, the pubs, the country was subject to far-23 at the sealing. After all: In 2005, this Tradition was ended and the curfew largely repealed.

That the British confirm not only quite intense, but also quite a rich beer culture, were able to archaeologists now. A Team of scientists took place between Cambridge and Huntingdon is evidence that there are probably about 400 BC, beer has been brewed. The Fund, in the County of Cambridgeshire was road works on the A14, which will be monitored by archaeologists.

air bubbles

It is the oldest evidence for the manufacture of beer on the island, says a press release from the UK’s motorway operators, Highways England. Found tiny, organic, part of charred residues, indicating the brewing process. In addition, traces of other food were means to demonstrate. To do this, porridge and bread.


The beer from the iron age to the Archäobotanikerin Lara Gonzalez came out on the trail. The researchers had samples from the soil of the excavation site for a more detailed analysis to the lab, Gonzalez found the tiny particles. “When I looked at the carbon residues under the microscope, I knew immediately that I had found something Special,” she says.

The micro-structure of the pieces have changed as a result of the fermentation process. In addition, typical air had been recognizing bubbles that are formed during beer brewing.

the remains of a mammoth under the road

discovered Currently up to 250 archaeologists working on the highway 14. In the large-scale project, you will examine sites in more than 30 Fund. Here, Roman coins, three Anglo-Saxon settlements, and more than 340 burials appeared. In the past year, the researchers also discovered the remains of a mammoth.

The early production of beer is evidenced by many archaeological finds. As researchers found last year in a cave in Israel, notes on the production of a beer-like drink. Of the Fund to the South of Haifa, was dated to an age of 13,000 years, in the cave could be the oldest brewery in the world found. Also in the Sumerian Ur, it must have been from 1800 BC beer known, just as, later, the Babylonians or the ancient Egypt.

the reputation of the British here still something to be classified, it should be mentioned that the Germans also have a dubious reputation as a beer killer. The Per capita consumption, Germany is ahead of great Britain.


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