The Argentine radio presenter Angel Etchecopar was prompted, according to media reports because of sexist Remarks to make now feminists ten minutes into his radio program to speak and to criticise. The BBC and the Newspapers “Le Monde” and “La Nacion reported, among other things,”.

The radio reporter I used his program “El Angel del Mediodía” (“The angel of Noon”) on the Radio 10 to feminists as “feminazis” and “insulting disgusting people,” reports Le Monde. As a result, he was accused of gender discrimination. The case was to be understood as derogatory, insulting, degrading and discriminatory statements against women, said the state attorney Villalba Diaz “La Nacion”.

Etchecopar had but shown repentance, therefore, a sentence on probation has been dropped. For the radio host to speak to the now increasingly and uncritically on discrimination of women: Echtecopar to invite five months, a weekly feminist guest and this ten minutes of continuous talking.

the public Prosecutor’s office should provide a list of feminism experts and the Argentine Prosecutor for gender-based violence discussion topics suggest, the BBC reports. In addition, Etchecopar to avoid a year-long discriminatory comments in his radio show. Otherwise, the case could be taken to court again.

The Argentine Congress passed this month also, a bill, the officials are obliged to regularly attend continuing education courses for gender justice and sexual violence.


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