So that soldiers must carry in the future, short hair, wants to let the Federal Ministry of defence quickly, a statutory revision to prepare. You’ll now go quickly to create a legal basis, announced a spokesman on Friday in Berlin.

The Federal administrative court in Leipzig on Thursday rejected a complaint by a staff Sergeant that he must not wear long hair. It had, however, also criticizes that the so-called hair – and beard let lack of a sufficient legal basis. Because the basic law of contactors, each of the soldiers service regulations, which also affected in private life, to his appearance. It should be a legal basis.

“Military requirements”

Until a corresponding amendment of the decree should be applied, however, the court ruled. The judge noted that the legislature must then decide whether a different arrangement of the hair style of men and women in the armed forces continues to be offered.

The replied in the affirmative, a spokesman for the Ministry of defence: gender equality is indeed a very high Good in the army, he said, according to dpa news Agency. For the hair and beard, let it, however, “military necessity”.

the adoption of the German armed forces, must not cover the hair of the soldiers ears and eyes. In the upright head posture, the hairstyle, Uniform and shirt collar must not touch. Soldiers may, however, tie your hair to the braid.

A staff Sergeant, however, withdrew before court, because he also wanted to wear long hair. Previously, men had been with long hair for a special manhood said, he argued. He did not understand why the regulations allow only for women.


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