The Ministry of Finance of Olaf Scholz (SPD) according to a report for a longer period of service of soldiers in the armed forces. “To the sustainable strengthening of the readiness of the Federal Ministry of Finance calls for the increase of the General and specific age limits”, – quotes the mirror of a letter of his Ministry to the Ministry of defence. This could also reduce the pension expense.

The claim is justified according to the report, with the increasing life expectancy in Germany, and therefore the General length of the working life should be longer. It would add to the problems of the German armed forces to occupy. An extension of the period of service for around 170,000 German soldiers and that it was necessary, therefore, to””.

According to the ideas of the Ministry of Finance, generals, and Supreme are intended to serve, therefore, to 67, all of the other professional soldiers up to 65 years. The are two years longer than in the past. Otherwise, the Ministry of Finance is threatening to no additional resources be made available to support the attractiveness of the offensive of the German armed forces. Currently, a set of legislation currently before the Ministry of Finance to strengthen the human and operational readiness. Its volume is in the three-digit million range.

Scholz denied that he is advocating longer working hours of soldiers, in order to reduce costs. He thought of “nothing” and will not be supporting the appropriate idea out of his Ministry, said a Ministry spokesman. “On a technical level, a number of the proposals will be discussed again and how to get to the attractiveness of the Bundeswehr can increase in line with the existing budget.” The idea to change the age rules for soldiers to count.

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