Ernst August of Hanover, junior can’t use for the renovation of the castle of Marienburg, according to enough of their own money reserves. “I would be glad and proud if I could get the castle alone. But I just can’t do it,” says the 35-Year-old of the “Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung” (HAZ).

The Prince wants to sell the property for a symbolic price of one Euro to the Land of lower Saxony. His father, Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, had previously expressed massive criticism of the between the Land of lower Saxony, and his son agreed the sale of Shot Marie castle.

He had to impose the “no understanding”, “to the taxpayer the burden of preservation”, – stated in the Letter of 3. December. The heir of the castle of Ernst August, hereditary Prince of Hanover, he had “adequate supplies” in order to Finance the preservation. His son was, “like all the generations before him”, quite able to bear the costs for the preservation of the castle.

44 million Euro way

The accession of the son now ruled. The Public was making the most of completely wrong ideas from the wealth of his family, which is one of the oldest European noble houses. “It is … a myth that the Guelph house is immensely rich,” said the London-raised Banker.

In the “HAZ”-an Interview, the Prince also commented on the whereabouts of the 44 million euros that he had taken in 2005 at an art sale at the castle and provided a good Share for the renovation of the building: “The money is gone.”

From his point of view is handled to be the father is irresponsible with the money of the family. “A large part of the net proceeds was used to pay for liabilities, which had in the years of pent-up, before I had taken over the responsibility. The considerable accumulated debts of my father had to be repaid and Refinancing made,” said the Prince to the newspaper.

To the father and the son in their struggle against the beige that has taken the country for the time being, distance of the purchase.


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