lemonade consists of at least seven percent from sugar – so it is in the guiding principles for soft drinks. A warning that had been given to the Hamburg-based manufacturer of Lemonaid for less sugared trendy drink, now first of all, but without consequences: The competent district office Hamburg-Mitte not going to complain about the lemonade for the time being, told the Hamburg health authority.

the Office of the district center had not warned Lemonaid, because a Lemonade type of scene-the manufacturer, containing the prescribed minimum sugar content. The manufacturer has been advised, either the product rename, or the sugar content. Lemonaid was rejected.

Specifically, the curious case of the lime-soda of the company. It was the first product that brought the Hamburger to ten years on the market – so far, no authority had to suspend that. The sodas are not only organic and Fairtrade from each sold bottle will donate a sum of five cents for a good purpose.

“guidelines for food

” check The sugar content of six percent since product launch unchanged and transparent in the bottle shown, of the company. The other flavors of Lemonaid therefore have a lower sugar content.

health Senator Cornelia Prüfer-Storcks (SPD) has now announced that on the Federal level to ensure “that the guidelines for food with regard to possible adverse health a Minimum, of the income tax act be reviewed”. Food with little sugar should not be punished, “but in the normal case be”.

“The current case shows that The guidelines for soft drinks in some areas is not understandable and run counter to our strategy for the sugar avoidance, as well as for the health-conscious diet,” said Prüfer-Storcks. It was “a piece from the great house that the guiding principles of the Commission want to protect for food, although the concept of lemonade, but at the same time, the reduction of sugar to counteract”.


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