the chief of The German environmental aid (DUH) has criticized the CDU sharp. “The part of the CDU, wants to particularly sharp against the DUH, is the political Arm of the automotive industry,” said DUH managing Director Jürgen Resch of the “Augsburger Allgemeine”.

The application, to withdraw its Association with the charitable status and the legal capacity, had been provided by the district Association of North württemberg. “Whose voting honorary Chairman Matthias Wissmann is the top Lobbyist for the car manufacturer. From this district the CDU also receives the highest donations of the auto companies,” said Resch.

The “crowning glory” but: “The Federal Congress of the CDU, which ruled on the motions, was, of all things, sponsored by Volkswagen and Audi. The CDU – obviously the “Christian Diesel-Union” – is now the party of the auto industry.” In addition, the competent tax authorities had examined the environmental aid and the non-profit status confirmed. “The decision is valid until August 2023. The tax office decides in accordance with the law and not on the basis of party Congress decisions.”

The DUH was Ritten before the courts in several German cities driving bans for older Diesel vehicles. In mid-December, Resch informed, to examine the legal opportunities for a speed limit of 120 kilometers per hour on German highways (read here more about the Organisation and the criticism of it). On a party Congress, the CDU had decided in December to check whether the German environmental is to be recognized aid as a non-profit organization. The CDU district Association of North württemberg had even demanded, the benefit to the public to withdraw and the possibility of Association of DUH lawsuits should be abolished.

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