lock An end to the budget in the USA is still not in sight. The dispute between US President Donald Trump and the Democrats has now also consequences for the annual speech on the state of the Nation: He will keep the speech until the “Shutdown” was over, tweeted Trump.

As a place only the house of representatives to come to it because of its history, Tradition and importance of the question. He will seek, therefore, to no other place. The Chairman of the house of representatives, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, had suggested to him that, because of the partial Government shutdown to postpone the speech or to publish them only in writing.

“I’m looking for no other place for the speech,” wrote Trump. He was looking forward to hold soon a “great” speech

Trump really wanted to his speech on 29. January in the Parliament hall of the house of representatives. Pelosi made in the course of the dispute about the “Shutdown” but of your house and locked out Trump, de facto, under reference to the government to a standstill. “I hereby notify you that the house of representatives pulls out a joint Resolution in consideration to the speech of the President to authorize, before the government working again,” said Pelosi.

In her Letter to Trump called Pelosi “security issues” as the reason for their objections. Because the Etatsperre concerns – with limitations – also the Secret Service for the protection of the President, and the Department of homeland security.

More on the subject of Democrat Pelosi against Trump Always counterproductive

For about four weeks parts of the government apparatus has not been stopped in the USA because it came because of a dispute in order to Trump the required wall on the border to Mexico in time for the adoption of a budget law. Trump refuses, a law to sign that contains no money for the wall. The Democrats, whose votes he has in Congress is dependent, reject it.

Pelosi and Trump give each other the debt of the government stood still. The majority of Americans Trumps demand for 5.7 billion Dollar, according to surveys for the construction of a wall on the border to Mexico for the Problem.


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