Three candidates are applying to the CDU party chairmanship, but only one can take the Merkel successor. According to the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister, Armin Laschet, there must be after the election of the new CDU leadership, not Losing. “There will be one winner and two winners,” said the CDU politician of the Rheinische Post. The three candidates, General Secretary Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, Minister of health, Jens Spahn and former Union parliamentary leader Friedrich Merz, would be needed in the policy. “I wish that all three – as you are now on the regional conferences to be visible – in the future, is for the CDU to be visible”, said Laschet. “You would, if you would leave politics.” Laschet had decided against a candidacy.

Whoever takes over from Angela Merkel as CDU Chairman, decides on 7. December the Federal party of the Christian Democrats in Hamburg. Eight regional conferences were presented to the candidate and the two candidates of their party base. On Friday evening, they completed their presentation in front of 2,000 participants with an event in Berlin. This Saturday Kramp-karrenbauer, Spahn and Merz will occur once more together, the state Convention of the Saxon CDU in Leipzig. There, the crowd seems to be big: According to CDU-information logged about 900 people for the Congress, far more than the 230 delegates.

At the last regional conference on Friday, all three candidates addressed the last feeble election results and the current results of the survey of your party, and outlined how they want to inspire more voters to the CDU. Secretary-General Kramp-Karrenbauer argued for a new theme, a new style and new answers. The substance of the debate would have to be made “from the head to the feet”. The Minister of health Spahn called for more honest and open discussions. The Ex-Union Chairman, Merz said in reference to the results of the election, he wanted to reverse this Trend, he was sure of that.

debate on the AfD

The CDU currently being debated also whether you’ve ignored the AfD to the long – a theme that applies Merz. “Parts of the CDU underestimate the political threat posed by the AfD,” said Merz about the mirror. It was not acceptable that the AfD seats in all the country days, and 12.6 percent in the Bundestag. Previously, he had said already, the CDU got to see the rise of the AfD, more or less, “shrugging”.

Laschet reflect this representation in the Rheinische Post said: “I have always been one of those who have sought public with the AfD the discussion.” The schleswig-Holstein Prime Minister Daniel Günther criticized Merz’ statement: “This Thesis fails to recognise that many members of the Union are working hard, the AfD is small. You should respect it,” said the CDU politician in the world. You have given the AfD to a lot of attention – “with the result that right-wing populists in part, have a political Agenda dictated”. A recipe against the AfD was to set up their own topics.

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