the President of France, Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reminiscent of the forest of Compiègne, together to the end of the First world war 100 years ago. In a clearing in the city to the North-East of Paris on the 11. November 1918, the armistice with the allies signed on. It was the first Time that the tips of Germany and France visited this place.

Angela Merkel and Macron unveiled two new tablets of stone, the stress on English and French, the “importance of Franco-German reconciliation at the service of Europe and of peace.” The formulation is also a contrast to the original table from the 1920s. “Here is lost on 11. November 1918, the criminal pride of the German Empire, vanquished by the free peoples which it had to claimed to subjugate it,” it says.

to be used After the German invasion in 1940, Adolf Hitler had the place for a humiliation of France. He had the same railway car where the Germans had signed the Treaty with the allies, back to the clearing. There, he dictated the representatives of France in person the surrender. Merkel and Macron also visited a replica of the wagons.

From the “place of revenge” to the “place of reconciliation”

Macrons environment, it was said, “the place of revenge” by the joint visit with Merkel to the site of the “final reconciliation” between the two countries. Merkel and Macron would “follow in the footsteps of Helmut Kohl and François Mitterrand”. The images of the two politicians who were talking in a military cemetery in Verdun in September of 1984, on the hands, went around the world.

The Chancellor thanked him later for the “symbolic gesture” by the French President. This day was “not only a reminder, but also an incentive”.

The statements made Merkel and Macron a tour with invited students, military personnel and diplomats. Macron reminded of the Conviction of the former war generation: “Never again!” He called for intra-European cooperation and called for in the face of a resurgent nationalism, not columns.

For the weekend Macron has invited a total of around 70 heads of state and government to Paris, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump. On Sunday, a large commemorative ceremony at the arc de Triomphe in Paris is planned. After that, Merkel is to open peace forum in Paris, a three-day discussion meeting on topics such as peace, environmental protection and development aid.

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