The Federal government is due to the imposed stops for all arms delivery to Saudi Arabia to million dollar damage claims.

In a recent letter to the economy Ministry to the arms manufacturer Rheinmetall to threaten, the company will sue the Federal government for a continuation of the embargo because of their own loss of Sales damages.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel had set the end of October, after the murder of the saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi, that no new licences for weapons exports will be granted in accordance with the Riad and also by the Federal government approved arms deliveries to Germany are not allowed to leave.

From the perspective of Rheinmetall, a claim for damages, because the government is staying with its decision already made by the Federal security Council approved exports for political reasons. In addition, the Management fears that shareholders could file a complaint against Rheinmetall, if the company does not require compensation for the loss.

the Rheinmetall company based in Düsseldorf

The Federal government had in the end of October, two months of limited supply-stop in the beginning of January after prolonged wrangling between the ministries involved by two months to March extended. The SPD would like to impose an unlimited Embargo. The Union fears, however, the domestic defense industry.

Legally, the current decision is not binding. Rather, the government asked the companies concerned to urge, already approved weapons exports do not deliver. To Rheinmetall has previously protested not a company. Most companies hope for a medium-term easing of the crisis, in addition, you don’t want to mess with me with a view to future Deals with the government.

the scope of The stopped shops is enormous. According to insiders that have already been produced defence goods worth up to two billion euros are affected. To some of the weapons systems for Saudi Arabia, for example, four radar systems of the type “Cobra” – ready are already Packed and ready for disembarkation.

Still, the murder is not solved – Riyadh plans secret processes

The economy Ministry did not comment on the threat of Rheinmetall, as “the protection of operating and business secrets, a special position” in the womb. A spokesperson from Rheinmetall wanted to confirm the letter and content on Friday, “neither nor deny”.

Whether or not the can be cancelled to stop delivery by a normalisation of the relationship with Saudi Arabia is not currently foreseeable. Until today, the demand for a clarification of the Khashoggi is unfulfilled-murder. Instead, Riad wants to try the alleged perpetrators in secret processes, these are likely to end up with death sentences.

Germany and the EU as a whole, however, a transparent investigation of the murder, and the punishment of the men behind the challenge. A spokesman for the German foreign office had on Friday not very happy with the development. In the case of Khashoggi many questions were “still open”, he stated.

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