The Federal government has even allowed a large arms exports to the Middle East. According to a list of the current licences by the Federal security Council, the secret meetings of the panel approved the Export of a frigate type Meko 200 in Egypt. The list in front of the MIRROR.

according to insiders, such a frigate from the shipyard of ThyssenKrupp will cost about 500 million euros. In addition to the well approved in war, ship of the Egyptian Navy will get in the coming years, yet another frigate from Germany.

Except for the arms deal with Egypt was approved by the Federal security Council, according to the list shortly before the turn of the year, the supply of spare parts for 165 military trucks from Daimler-Benz to Algeria.

With the Export to Egypt, the Federal government maintains its controversial line to supply weapons to authoritarian regimes, if these are considered to be regional Partner of the Federal government. In addition, they will break again the promise to deliver no more weapons to countries that are directly involved in the Yemen war.

In Egypt, ruled for years, the former Top military Abdel Fattah el-Sisi, came in 2013 in a military coup, the Power, and Egypt leads since then, with a heavy Hand. Even the smallest criticism of Sisi or his government, which left in 2014 and 2018, largely staged elections to legitimize, ranging in Egypt for detention.

Consequently, hundreds of opposition members are in prison, the media are largely connected. Especially the Muslim brothers are considered to be enemies of the state since Sisi is in Power. Hundreds of Muslim brothers were killed after the coup, or disappeared under so far unexplained circumstances.

German foundations in the visor

Even foreigners are not exempt from the draconian measures, that’s why the Foreign office is warning all Germans to Egypt-visitors to the “special care”, even Comments in Facebook could be pursued “as a criminal insult and defamation of Egypt and its institutions”. Also, the German foundations are in the country targeted by the authorities.

The hard line against the foundations had led over the years to considerable tensions between Berlin and Cairo. Among other things, 2013, two representatives of the CDU-near Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung had been convicted on the flimsy charge of illegal funding from abroad, and the mischief to be met first.

After intensive diplomatic efforts, an Egyptian court acquitted the KAS staff just before Christmas as a surprise. The Foreign office took the message back then, “with joy and satisfaction”. So a year long dispute was “beige”, now you could pitch “a new Chapter”. At almost the same time the Federal government issued security Council approval for the delivery of German war ships.

Apart from the highly problematic human rights situation in Egypt arms exports to speak in the country also in the coalition agreement. So had made the Union and the SPD to not allow weapons deliveries to the countries participating in the bloody Yemen war.

Egypt belongs officially to this of Saudi Arabia-led coalition, and has also participated with fighter jets on missions over Yemen. Indirectly, the millions expected to come for the German frigates anyway from the Riad. For years, Egypt depends on Kingdom financially drip-fed by the king. Without the massive payments the Egyptian institutions would have collapsed long ago.

More on the subject of arms exports, Germany’s business with the war,

Riad had made in the autumn of the financing of the frigates for Egypt, since Germany had stopped because of the assassination of the Saudi journalists Kashoggi all the weapons deals with Saudi Arabia. Why the business came about now however, is unclear.

For the Federal Republic of Sisi is an important Partner

For the Federal Republic of Sisi is an important Partner, for example, in the exchange of intelligence information or in questions of migration policy. In November, the authoritarian President in Berlin was a guest and was received, among other things, high official of the Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

at the Time, Sisi campaigned directly for approval of the controversial war ship business. Fond of Cairo stresses the fact that they need the ships to secure sea routes in the Mediterranean sea. This was in turn a contribution to the fight against people smugglers.

The Federal government has for years pursued the attitude that exports of war ships are, even in authoritarian States a problem, because you can’t proceed with this, for example, against the protests of the opposition. Not only human rights activists hold this line for incredible.

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