The United States are concerned about the military development of China increasingly. After several ambitious reforms, and technological developments the country has some of the most advanced weapons systems in the world, reports CNN, and the Guardian citing a report by the military secret service, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). The Chinese army is in some areas already a leader, also thanks to the estimated military spending of more than $ 200 billion in the past year.

China have driven the technological progress by all available means, the SLIDE report. By using the laws have forced the country to foreign business partners of the Chinese firms, their technological Knowledge, as consideration for the access to the Chinese market.

China’s leaders hope that the growing military capabilities can be strategically useful. “Long-standing concerns about the independence of Taiwan,” the report says. The country is also ready for military options against Taiwan, and for possible interventions of third parties.

upgrading tricky in the Taiwan conflict

at the beginning of January had threatened China’s head of state Xi Jinping Taiwan, the island should be United with the mainland. This speech is considered the turning point in the relationship between the two systems. The island Republic in the Western Pacific had broken away after the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949 from the Communist mainland, and developed a democracy.

the current military developments in China include the SLIDE according to a report in the CJ-20 missile-equipped H6-Bomber of the Chinese air force. Their range is a close about US facilities on the Pacific island of Guam. For more advanced systems of China have now also for submarines, war ships and missiles stations in the country.

A further escalation of the conflict between Beijing and Taipei is likely to make the U.S. foreign-policy difficulties: in 1979, Washington, Beijing was recognized diplomatically, but engaged to support Taipei.

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is trying to Currently China, according to the U.S. Department of defense, to avoid open conflict in the Region. The AP news Agency reported, citing a non-closer-called source from US military circles that China was lacking, despite the growing influence in the Region, also military development steps for a possible Taiwan Invasion. An independent confirmation of this, there is not.


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