France must stop its arms sales to saudi Arabia? While the German chancellor Angela Merkel announced the suspension of exports in the expectation of the truth about the death of the journalist saudi Jamal Khashoggi, Emmanuel Macron refuses to answer.

“My agenda is not dictated by the media, whether you like it or not,” said with a clear irritation on the head of State, interviewed Tuesday on the subject in the aisles of the salon Euronaval. “I’m on a different subject. It has nothing to do with the subject that it is processing. Nothing. Nothing. So I did not answer. I regret it. It will continue as long as I am at the place where I am. It like it or that it would not be pleasing”.

Florence Parly expects the investigation

The journalists asked him if France had to suspend its arms sales to Riyadh, as requested Monday to all Europeans the German Economy minister Peter Altmaier. “This is not because a leader says something that I’m supposed to react each time. And so I do not answer”, repeated the president to a second question on the topic.

Also questioned by the press, the minister for the Armed forces Florence Parly has responded that “the first priority is that the investigation is conducted and that this investigation to be credible”.

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other leaders have expressed their views on the issue, Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron. The us president, Donald Trump had said Saturday that suspend the arms sales would “do more harm” to the u.s. economy than saudi Arabia. The canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has stated that they do not exclude the possibility that Canada would be able to cancel a major contract for the sale of weapons to Riyadh.

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