global production of military goods is increased, 2017 for the third Time in a row. According to the Stockholm peace research Institute Sipri the sale of arms and military services by the 100 largest defence companies amounted last year to 398 billion US dollars, 2.5 percent more than the year before.

“The development does not come unexpected for us, because many countries are modernising their weapons systems,” said Sipri expert Aude Fleurant. The tension in certain countries and regions would also demand for more modern systems. The demands of the United States, the European countries should make a greater Nato contribution, not to the data but still readable.

U.S. companies remain at the forefront of the global arms producers. They have increased their sales by two percent and now represent 57 percent of all global arms sales. “Companies directly benefit from the ongoing demand of the US Department of defense to weapons,” said Fleurant.

Russia solves the UK as the second largest weapons manufacturer

Russian corporations expanded their production to 8.5 percent – with a total share of 9.5 per cent of global arms manufacturers, the country of the United Kingdom extruded from the second place in the Ranking. “In General, the arms sales of Russian companies have increased since 2011, which corresponds to the increased expenditure of Russia for the procurement of weapons for its armed forces,” the report says.

The 24 defence companies in Western Europe increased their sales by 3.8 percent to 95 billion dollars. They make up almost a quarter of the market. UK is the largest European arms supplier, with a share of 9 percent. The four German armaments companies increased their production by 10 percent – thus, Germany has a share of 2.1 per cent of global arms sales.

After the killing of the government is critical of the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi had responded to Germany with a full arms export ban in the country. According to data of the Ministry of economy no weapons or other military equipment more after to be shipped from Germany now Arabia, whose Export has already been approved.

The defence group Rheinmetall has been supplying the country in recent media reports, but obviously more ammunition – through subsidiaries in Italy and South Africa. A Rheinmetall Executive Board have assured in mid-November in a conference call with Bank analysts, the deliveries were not affected by the ban on Exports, reported the “star” and the ARD magazine “Report München” last.


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