European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has called for the introduction of a European unemployment insurance. “It cannot be that one EU country to pay in the case of an involuntary crisis due to rising unemployment, the need to cut unemployment benefits,” said Juncker, the “world on Sunday”. It was important that in crisis situations, it is not at the wrong end will be saved, “so in the case of investment, education and unemployment benefits”.

Juncker proposes that a European solution in the case of an economy could support crisis, the national unemployment insurance systems. He’s restricted, but that a European unemployment insurance “should not be a free ride” for countries, “which do not carry out reforms, and thus get into trouble”.

For the financing of said Juncker, the EU Commission provided for in the draft for the medium-term financial planning are two sources of money: “25 billion euros in order to Finance structural aid programmes, and EUR 30 billion for a mitigation mechanism against asymmetric external shocks”. This could also include re-insurance for national work insurance.

the Federal Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD) had already been submitted in mid-October, plans for a European unemployment insurance. Accordingly, EU States, a “European unemployment stabilization Fund” with contributions of food, based on the respective economic power. From the Fund a national unemployment insurance scheme could borrow the plans, according to money, if the country of a economic crisis hit.


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