The FBI has arrested in the Northern Mariana Islands, an external territory of the United States in the Pacific, a Russian citizen. A court in Florida had accused Dmitrii Makarenko in the year 2017. To him, money laundering, and conspiracy are accused of, the objective of which was to supply military items illegally to Russia. In June 2017, a court in Florida issued an arrest warrant against the man.

Together with an accomplice, Vladimir Nevidomy, Makarenko in the year 2013, among other things, tries, night vision devices, to export thermal imaging cameras and detonator from the USA to Russia Ministry without the necessary approval of the U.S. Department of state. Nevidomy, the process was made. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 26 months in prison.

Makarenko was already on the 29. December at the time of his arrival on the Pacific island of Saipan, the FBI arrested. According to “Saipan Tribune” is said to have been the man most recently in Vladivostok. What is the purpose of the trip had to be, is unclear. According to the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Sought to be landed, together with his family in Saipan. The information about his age vary widely: While in the media in the Northern Mariana Islands of a 72-year-old man, the speech, the Ministry of foreign Affairs in Moscow, Makarenko was born in 1979.

Russia accuses the US authorities, they had informed Moscow never formally about the arrest. In addition, they denied the detainees access to Russian Embassy staff in the United States. This would Makarenko, no later than 2. January must be granted.

Meanwhile, the FBI has transferred the man to Florida.

Makarenkos arrest falls right in the middle of the dispute with the US citizens, Paul Whelan. He was on 28. December detained in Moscow. Russia has accused the 48-Year-old, who also owns the British, Irish and canadian citizenship, for espionage. He faces up to 20 years in prison.

It is speculated that Whelan is being used as a pawn to him against Marina Butina exchange. The Russian student in Washington before the court. You should have tried on behalf of Russian Authorities to influence political organizations in the United States.

Russia’s Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkow said on Saturday that it was too early to talk about a prisoner exchange to think about.


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