The way into the Jihad ended, Lucas G., in the Euphrates valley in Syria. There, near the Iraq border, fighters of the Kurdish people’s defense units (YPG) captured the German fixed – according to his own representation when Fighting for the small town of Hadschin in the past few days. For the German authorities, the man is no stranger.

G. was born in 1995 in Dortmund. According to the findings of the office of the attorney General, he was a member of since 2013, the Salafist scene in his home town. In September of the same year, he broke the vocational College, he wanted to acquire the diploma. In the months prior to that, he should have changed according to the information provided by teachers and classmates noticeably. Among other things, he gave women the Hand.

as of the end of 2013, G. in the name of “Read”movement, an Islamic preacher Ibrahim Abou-dramatic pug multiple Quran distributions in Dortmund. In June 2014, the security authorities lost him in Germany. The mother informed the Jobcenter in Dortmund, her son was 31. July 2014 moved out. You don’t know where he is staying, would be but in contact with G. The son would someday return.

“Abu Walaa” is supposed to have enlisted in G. for the Jihad

at the beginning of 2016, the Federal criminal police office by an informant from abroad, thousands of personnel files of the IS course got plays. Including a document, with the g. after his arrival in the territory of the terrorist militia was registered. He was married, but childless. He wrote that he wanted to join the group as a “fighter” and gave the battle name of Abu Ibrahim al-Almani. The paper also shows that the Dortmund in July 2014 on the Turkish-Syrian border town of Dscharabulus was traveling in the IS-field.

at that time, the terrorist organization at the height of their Power, a few weeks before their leader, Abu Bakr al had to call-Baghdadi in Mosul a Caliphate-and thus the claim is issued, the Power of the jihadists throughout the world to expand.

The network to the Islamists preacher “Abu Walaa” G. for the Jihad and the departure of the man in the war zone have organized to enlisted. His contact man in Dortmund was apparently indoctrinated by the Islamist Boban S., in the living room of a tenement house in the district of Linden, Horst young men. He is made for in 2017, together with “Abu Walaa” and three other defendants before the regional court in Celle of the process.

“No evidence of a prominent position” within the IS

For the smuggling of the Dortmund Islamists from Turkey to Syria should have been according to the IS-staff, bow of the Jihadist Abu Muhammad al-Schimali responsible. The US government has a bounty in the amount of five million US dollars to the Saudi Arabians. Washington sees in him the main person responsible for the year-long smuggling of Western IS fighters from Turkish Gaziantep to Syrian Dscharabulus. Moscow claims Schimali had been killed in September 2017 at a Russian air strike in Syria, an independent confirmation of this until today.

In the IS-staff, bow, was G., he had previously participated in the “Jihad in greater Syria”. Apparently, he had joined in the months before, once, briefly, another jihadist militia in Syria, was then returned to Germany, before he turned to finally, the IS.

After the Emergence of the IS personnel act, the Federal government initiated legal profession in October of 2016, a criminal investigation against G.. The authority accuses him of “membership in a terrorist organization abroad”. The investigators had at the time, according to his own representation, however, “not sufficient evidence for a prominent position” of the search, within the IS.

Now, he is one of several dozen German jihadists in the hands of the YPG. The Federal government hesitates, the prisoner IS fighters to return to Germany. From Berlin it is said that they are working on a concept.

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