In the U.S., Africa “” in the meantime, number one on the Billboard Charts, in the UK, it was enough after all, for rank three: Toto’s famous rock anthem has reached almost 40 years after its publication, long since achieved cult status. On the Radio the song is playing almost on a daily basis, in an African desert Fans could listen to the Hit recently, however, in a continuous loop.

The German-Namibian artist Max Siedentopf has been in the Namibian desert, six out of solar energy powered speakers. These are supposed to Year old the abandoned part of the South-West African country,”forever”, “Africa”, so the 27.

Toto during an appearance on “Wetten, dass…”

The exact location of his project siedentopf does not want to reveal. The British TV channel BBC, he said that he did not know that the “harsh environment of the desert, the Installation will devour”. Nevertheless, he hoped to prepare of the cult band from the eighties is a joy.

“Africa” with more than five million CDs sold, commercially the most successful Song of the Band. The cult band, who had composed the song, supposedly in ten minutes, and published in 1982, received two Gold and twelve platinum-scarf plates, with the addition of two Grammys for the Album “Toto IV”.


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