If you want to have a child, you will go in the future, First to the family doctor and obtain a skin sample. Of Hank Greely is convinced. Also of the people, has been chosen as the second parent of his child, you need some skin. The doctor then sends the samples to the fertility clinic. In the laboratory the skin to reprogram cells to stem cells.If the Embryos are there, they are subjected to a strict genetic Screening. And then the hardest part, coming, Greely says, then the parents would have the choice of Which Embryo should be implanted in the mother or a surrogate mother or in an artificial Uterus will be played? Number 13? Number 47? Number 268?Hank Greely write dystopian novels. He has worked as a Bioethicist and lawyer at the University of Stanford in California, with the enormous progress in the creation of human life in the laboratory.

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