Thursday, may 1. November 2018, 2.05 PM: As a reaction to the mass Exodus from Central America to the United States to expand its military presence on the border with Mexico is solid. The total number of soldiers stationed there will increase in the “10,000 to 15,000,” said US President Donald Trump on Wednesday in Washington. So far, about 5,000 soldiers had been moved there. “This is a dangerous group of people,” Trump said about the migrants from Central America. “You will not come in our country.”

Should match to send the USA in fact, of 15,000 soldiers to the border to Mexico, this would be the current troop strength of the U.S. Mission in Afghanistan. At the border, approximately 2100 members of the national guard are also already in use. The soldiers are supposed to secure military information, first of all the border crossings and the surrounding area. For the Adoption of a direct border protection and you are not entitled, however.

Currently, thousands are mainly from Honduras, migrants on the way in the direction of the USA. Originally from around 7,000 migrants existing caravan, which has now shrunk to about 4000 participants, is currently in the South of Mexico in the state of Oaxaca. A second group of approximately 2000 migrants had happened on Monday, from Guatemala, coming to the border to Mexico. The people, many of them children and women, could reach the border, however, at the earliest, in the second week of November. You want in the USA in order to seek, for humanitarian reasons, protection from crime, violence, and Hunger. Critics see in the Trumps Plan a fight to vote Because next week the important congressional elections are held.

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