this year’s Asia-Pacific summit is gone because of the trade dispute between the United States and China without a joint Declaration to the end. The 21 participating States could not agree on an opinion, informed the Prime Minister of the host country, Papua new Guinea, Peter O’neill,. “This is because there are two big giants,” he said, referring to the United States and China.

Also, several of the smaller countries participating defendant, that the conflict between the great powers is already a pity. The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau spoke in General of different views on trade issues. According to O’neill, the Reform of the world trade organization WTO was also controversial.

“A trade war with no winners”

Earlier, US President, Donald trump’s Deputy Mike Pence of the people’s Republic with additional punitive tariffs threatened in the billions. China driving weaker States with loans aimed in the dependence, he said on the sidelines of the summit. China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping denied the accusation. He warned of a “trade war without winners”.

The new allegations at the Apec summit came as a surprise because Trump had immediately spoken of before in Washington that China had forwarded a list of possible concessions. Xi said the United States, however, in the very first speech of “selfishness”.

Both States punitive tariffs, imposed in the billions against each other. The participating countries hope that the conflict is relaxed up to the next summit: the end of November, the heads of state and government of the major industrial and emerging countries (G20) are meeting in Argentina. There will be in addition to Xi, then Trump.

O’neill to settle appealed both to the United States as well as to China, their dispute as soon as possible. “Of course, the whole world is worried,” said the this year’s host. “This is a Situation in which both countries put together and a solution must be found.”

In the Apec countries around the Pacific lives about half the world’s population. The next summit will be held in 2019 in Chile.

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