the host United Arab Emirates (UAE) has appealed after losing in the semi-finals of the Asiencup Protest against the opponents of Qatar. This Asian Confederation, AFC confirmed. The UAE accuse the Katarern to have in the tournament, two play-entitled players used: tournament Toptorjäger Almoez Ali and defender Bassam Al-Rawi.

The Sudan-born Ali, who has already scored eight goal of the tournament, and the Iraq-born Al-Rawi claim that their mothers were born in Qatar. So you would be subject to according to the statutes of the world governing body Fifa concerning the eligibility of any restrictions. These state that a player is to be a new Land use entitled, if he himself, one of the parents was born or a grandparent there.

the Federation of the Emirates of the documents but, apparently, the evidence that Al-Rawi’s mother in Baghdad, came to the world. In such a case, article 7d, a player from the age of 18 would have to according to Fifa. Year of life for at least five years continuously in the country for which he wants to play live. This condition both of the actors do not meet.

Political relations between Qatar and UAE

loaded Should prove true, the allegations and the Protest be upheld, may Qatar will participate in the finals on Friday revoked. The Emirates would move up and against Japan to compete. Also a lock for more competitions would be conceivable.

Qatar had set out on Tuesday in the semi-final clearly 4:0 against the Emirates. It came to ugly scenes. During the game, on the sidelines celebrating Qatar’s players were pelted with shoes, a sign of contempt. During the entire encounter, the atmosphere was heated up in such a way that the referee was forced to multiple interruptions.

political relations between Qatar and the UAE are charged for some time. 2017, among other things, Saudi Arabia and the UAE had imposed a Blockade on the Emirate. Since then, the relationships are on ice. The Blockade countries accuse Qatar of terror support, what the Emirate has.


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