two years Ago, the Terrorist anise Amri at the Christmas market killed at the wide place in Berlin Scheid eleven people before he shot and killed a truck driver and robbed his vehicle. With a silent remembrance has been commemorated on the second anniversary of the fact of the victims and the survivors.

At the memorial Church, around a hundred people gathered on Wednesday. On the steps in front of the memorial for the victims more than a dozen wreaths were. Including containers of the embassies of Israel, Poland and Italy.

in addition to relatives of the victims of Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD), the President of the chamber of deputies, Ralf Wieland (SPD), several senators came, the police President Barbara Slowik, as well as the victim’s representative of the Federal government, Edgar Franke.

In the attack were also injured 70 people, many of them seriously. “Still, the wound is not healed, the has ripped this cowardly attack,” said Müller.

The monument – a nearly 17-Meter-long Golden crack in the ground was passed a year ago to the Public. It is planned this year, with an address by the pastor of the memorial Church.


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